LA GL - Journal Entries: Reversing a Batch using excel (1-38)

While posted batches cannot be deleted, transactions in a batch can be reversed by exporting the
batch report to Excel, editing the file, then importing it back in as a new unposted batch.

  1. Export Batch to Excel: Open Batch List, select the batch with the problem, click Next and choose the Export option. Select Microsoft Excel 5.0 or greater in the list and click the Print button. You can choose the name and location for the exported file, then click Save. An alert shows the number of records and the location.
  2. Open the file in Excel and highlight the column to the right of the Amount. Insert two blank columns by right-clicking and choosing Insert twice.
    • In the cell to the right of the first Amount cell, enter this formula: =f2*-1 to create the reversing entry.  
    • Then drag that cell’s border down all the rows.
    • With all the cells with the formula highlighted, right-click on it and choose Copy.
    • Click in the cell to the right of the first formula cell, right-click and choose Paste Special. Then select Values and click OK.
    • Copy the resulting values in that column and paste them over the column with the original Amount
    • cells.
    • Delete the two new columns that you added in Step 2.
    • Go to the fcheck_account column and change any negative numbers to positive.
    • Save the file in Microsoft Excel 5.0 format and close the file.
  3. In Logos Accounting, go to General Ledger > Utilities > Import/Export and select Import Data from File. Choose the option appropriate to the data in the batch and proceed through the import steps.

This will create a new unposted batch in General Ledger > Individual Transactions. Select
Modify Header on the command bar of the Unposted Batches screen and edit the
Reference with the number of the original batch (e.g.,. “Reverse Batch #677”) to aid in future

When posted, these entries will offset the transactions in the original batch.

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