LII Attendance - Check-in: Bar-Coded ID Tag (2-28)


The Logos II Attendance module Labels routine has an option that can be used to print a Bar-Coded Name/ID Tag for individuals. These tags can then be laminated and used as name tags or ID cards. They can be quickly scanned to record actual attendance of each person using the Attendance Check-In routine.




 1. In Attendance, select Reports > Labels and mark the option for Name Tag with Barcode. Choose the appropriate Type of Label (Enrolled in Group, Visitor, etc.) and then select the Next button.

2. Select the desired Label Option (Name with Barcode or Photo and Name with Barcode). The latter option allows printing the Organization/Church Name and City (as entered on the Preferences > Organization tab). Select Next again.

3. In the Select Attendance Group(s) list, choose the Group(s) for which labels are to print. You can mark the Use Search Screen check box if you want to use Search Criteria to focus your selection of those for whom labels will print and/or to define Sort Criteria. Select Next again.

4. At the Output Destination screen, select the Label Setup button and select either Avery #5095 or #5395 from the list. (To use a different sized label, you must have User Reports, which allows editing the label layout and contents. For example, instead of printing the City where your church or organization is located, you could define the label to print the name of the group in which the person is enrolled.) Then print the labels.

5. Laminate the printed name tags, then cut them out.

NOTE: Contact Logos Management Software by emailing or calling 1-877.99-LOGOS for information on bar-code scanners.

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