LII MM - Contributions: Mail Manager and Statements (2-37)

Using Logos Mail Manager with Statements/Letters/Receipts


Before printing statements, make sure that you have run the NCOA Certify processing (People > Utilities > Certify Addresses) within the past 95 days. If you have registered for an NCOA Processing Account, you must use that routine to do so, allowing several days for the new account to be defined for your organization.

Statements that contain individual giving information can only qualify for Standard (“bulk”) non-profit mail rates if these three conditions are met:

1) The mailpiece must include an explicit solicitation for a donation;

2) All of the personal information is directly related to the solicitation;

3) The exclusive reason for inclusion of all the personal information is to support that solicitation.See Page 2 for links to United States Postal Service information on this issue.
Use the Personalized Letter Text feature within the Statements… routine to add such a request to the giving information.

The Statements/Letters/ Receipts routine uses Logos Mail Manager when you mark the Print Labels check box on the first screen of the routine.
Proceed through all the screens of the routine as usual, marking the options you desire.
Then, at the end of the routine, on the next screen after defining Search Criteria…



Complete the CASS Certify and Presort functions as done in the Labels routines. As part of the Presort process, you define if you want unsorted addresses (those that have not been CASS Certified) to be at the beginning or end of the run.

Select Finish at the end of the Presort wizard to open the Progress window. Print labels or envelopes and Post Office forms. With window envelopes, do not print labels, but do print the Post Office forms.

After printing labels/envelopes and forms from the Progress window, select the Close button. A prompt will ask, "Would you like to save the presort information to your database?" Select Yes, which returns to the final Statements... routine screen. The Next button on this screen is now active. Select it to advance to the regular Output Destination screen from which to print your statements or receipts in the same order as the labels or envelopes.



The CASS Certify function at the end of the Mailing Label routine will give you the option to view and correct uncertified addresses. Any changes made there will only impact that mailing and will not update the actual address in Logos II. Thus, if you make any changes to addresses when CASS certifying within the Label routine for the mailing, you must then make the exact same address changes in the records of those donors before you run the Statements.
The Postal Service requires that all "bulk" mail pieces be the same weight and contents.

• Non-profit organizations can send solicitations for contributions in which the contents are personalized to the donor. Thus, statements must directly request additional giving.

• If your statements vary in the number of pages for different donors, you must separate those that differ from the norm, then modify the postal report with the correct number of pieces in each category.
Links to Customer Support Rulings that detail regulations and the requirements needed to qualify for non-profit rates in mailing contribution statements:
Computer-Prepared Mail pieces Entered by Authorized Nonprofit Mailers

Donation Solicitation/Previous Donation Receipt

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