CNFS Religious Ed - Attendance: Why can't I see attendance records in Religious Education Module?

I don't see an attendance record in the Religious Education Module

Check the Session for the Schedule

Go to the Classes tab and view by sessions (see screen shot below). If a class is in "No Schedule," this is the problem.

To fix, first make sure sessions are added (there should be a training document on that).

Add a schedule to each class with the following steps:

  1. From the Classes tab, select a class.
  2. Click the Schedule tab for the class.
  3. Click "Add Schedule" to add the schedule for the class. (see screen 1 below for steps 1-3)
  4. Select the session. (see screen 2 below)
  5. Enter the start and end times, room, and building for the class.
  6. Select Generate Class Schedule (see screen 3 below for steps 5-6)
  7. Finalize the Schedule that is Generated and click Save Schedule at the bottom.




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