LII Attendance - Enrolled in Two Groups (2-53 )

Issue —

Some people are not consistent in the groups (e.g., Sunday School Classes) they attend, going to one sometimes and then to another at other times. This results in their being marked present in one group but showing as absent in the other group. How can Absentee reports and labels exclude these people who really were present?


Method —

1. One option is to use the Prospect/Other Code feature (Preferences > Attendance) and put that code in the person's record (Update Attendance) for the class they attend least often. (Enter the code in the Pos (Position) column of the grid.) That way the person will never be considered absent there and will not be counted twice in the total enrollment.

2. If that option does not apply to everyone with dual enrollment, you can still print the Absentees List or Absentee Labels and find only those who were absent from all specified groups this past week, excluding those who may have been present in one group but absent from another —

  • Select the Consecutive to End option button and set the Minimum # Absences = 1. Select Next to proceed.
  • On the Select Attendance Groups screen, uncheck all groups and then check those for which they want the report to print. Mark the Use Search Screen check box and click Next.
  • On the Search Criteria screen, select the Attendance tab, mark the Last Attn option button, mark the Not Operator check box and enter the date in question as the Value. Select the same groups as above and click Done.
  • Proceed with the remaining screens to print your report or labels.


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