CNFS Family Directory - Family List: How to add a non-registered copy of a family record

How to add a non-registered copy of a family record

Perhaps you want to know how to add a new family for contributions, Religious Ed, or Sacramental purposes only, since they belong to another parish and you don't want to change that.

In the Family Directory Tab under Family List, select the Add a New Family Button.

Enter the Last Name of the Family and any other information you have and click Search.

The subsequent list will give the Family Name, Registered Organization, etc.

Select the Family you would like to have available for contributions by clicking the radio button to the left of their name and then select the Move Selected Family button at the bottom. Choose As Unregistered from the drop down menu.

You will get a pop-up message saying, Move the x family (#####) to currently selected organization your org, your city? Select OK.


You will now be able to Post Contributions to this record. Keep in mind, to find this unregistered member when posting contributions, you must set your Posting Filters to:

Family Registration Status: Both

Family Group: All Groups

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