CNA: Payroll Setup - How to enter Employee Start up Totals

How to enter start-up employee totals

If your church did not opt for a comprehensive conversion, and are starting to use ConnectNow Payroll in a month other than January, you can enter the Start-Up Employee Totals to record payrolls for the calendar year paid from another source. The data you enter in Start-Up Employee Totals are added to the payrolls you process in ConnectNow Payroll and will correct Calendar Year To Date Totals on the employee’s paycheck stub as well as report the entire year payments on the 941 and W-2.


1. Click Setup and choose Start-Up Employee Totals under Optional Setup.

2. Enter the appropriate date in Calendar year totals for all employees as of the last payroll processed in your old system. Select each Employee’s name from the Employee’s list on the left.

4. Enter start up gross wages and deduction totals:

5. Once you have entered Employee Start Up Totals and you have confirmed the correct amounts and date, you must never change the date. Changing the date will change it for all records and reports. If you later need to enter start-up totals for another employee, you may only do so when the employee's payroll information is as of the "Calendar year totals for all employees as of" date.  In the above example, you should only enter information as of 5/22/2017. 





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