PSA L&P - Accounts: How to resolve "too many year-end equity accounts"

How to resolve "too many year-end equity accounts"


To see the Net Asset account that is linked to the year-end process:

  • Review the warning; it will tell you which Equity Account is causing an issue. 
  • Go to Process → End of Year

You will see the Net Assets accounts associated with the Entity. If there is more than one showing for an Entity:

  • You will need to choose which one you want to use for the year-end process.
  • The remaining will need to be detached from the end-of-year process. Contact Support to have the account detached. 

If you do not see an entity on the screen, the entity probably does not have any income or expense transactions.   

To see all of your Net Asset Accounts

  • Go to Reports 
  • Accounts → List 
  • Choose the account type Net Asset
  • Check the box to show the account code
  • Review the Report
  • This will list the Entities and the Net Asset Accounts associated with the entity
  • If there is more than one net asset account for an entity decide which net asset account should be used





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