CNFS Family Directory - Family List: How do I delete a family or member from the family list?

How to Delete a Family or Member from the Family List

Only a parish or diocesan administrator can delete a family or member record.

This topic shows you how to delete a family or member record from your organization's Family List. Sacrament records as well as pledge and contribution records are not affected by a deletion. However, the following family-related records are inactive (unavailable) after a deletion:

       Minister records

       Student records

       Member records

       Milestone records

If a member or family you are want delete has one or more active ACH transactions or active pledge records (that is, a pledge with a remaining balance), the application cannot delete the record.

  1. Click  to display the Family List page:

  1. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization list.

  2. Select the checkbox for each record that you want to delete.

To select all records listed in the grid (on all pages), click  (in the header).You can then deselect the records that you do not want to delete.

  1. Click .

  1. When prompted to confirm the delete, click .

The selected records are deleted from the list.  

Due to the amount of information that is associated with a record, the application may require extra time to delete multiple family and member records at the same time.


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