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How do I Add a Sacrament Record?

You can add a sacrament record if it does not already exist for the selected member.

  1. Click . Select Add/Edit Sacraments to display the Sacraments page.

  2. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization list.

  3. Before you can add a sacrament record, you must conduct a search to determine that a record does not currently exist.

Do the following:

  1. From the Sacrament menu, select the type of sacrament.
  2. Type the last name of the member, maiden name (if applicable), or the first name in the filter fields provided.
  3. If you know the date or the date range when the sacrament was conferred, select the Include Date Range link and then select a date from the calendar .

Select the Remove link to remove a date or date range from your search.

  1. Click .
  • If a sacrament record is located that matches your filter criteria, it is displayed in the area below the filters. Click to view or edit the record. If you want to edit the record, you can click this link to get instructions: How to Edit a Sacrament Record.
  • If no sacrament record is located that matches your filter criteria, this message is displayed: No Sacrament Records found. You can add a new sacrament record for the member. Continue to Step 3.
  1. Click the Create New Record button.

The label on this button varies depending on the type of sacrament selected. For example, if you are creating new baptism, you see this button: .

The Member Search window is displayed. The member's last name you entered is displayed at the top of the window, and the member's status defaults to Active:

  1. To locate the member's record, click .

The Member Search window is re-displayed, listing all records that match the last name you specified. For example:

  1. Select the member for whom you want to add a sacrament record. Then, click .

The Create Sacrament Record window is displayed. For example:

  1. Complete the fields on the form.

For the Parish field, click  to display the Organization Search window. Select the organization that conferred the sacrament and then click  to add the name to the Parish field.

If you do not know the name of the celebrant, select the "blank" option.

For the Sponsors and Witnesses fields, you can click  to display the Member Search window. Locate the individual's name and then click  to add the name to the field.

  1. After you complete the form, click .

The sacrament record is added to your database. You return to the Sacraments page.


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