PSG Organization - Data Export: How to export data from ParishSOFT Giving for Import into Logos II

How to export data from ParishSOFT Giving for Import into Logos II

Prepare your data

  • Make sure the envelope numbers for members in ParishSOFT Giving match the envelope numbers for members in Logos.
  • Fund Numbers in Logos include a decimal point which is not possible in ParishSOFT Giving.
  • If your Fund Number in Logos is simply '1' it must be entered as 1000 in ParishSOFT Giving.
  • If you have a Fund '1' with a sub-fund '2' or with a subfund '2017,' it must be created in ParishSOFT Giving as 10002 or 12017. Later, when you export your contribution data from ParishSOFT Giving, before importing it into Logos, you must manipulate this column to have a decimal in the correct position.

Steps to Export data

In ParishSOFT Family Giving, under Donors, Select Organization (top right) and select Data Export from the drop-down menu. (screen A below)

The Data Export Screen will display. Under Select Profile, you will want to select Custom. (screen B below)      


You may create a Custom Export which provides the fields you need to import into Logos. Then, in the spreadsheet, you will simply add the header row and make sure your Date and Fund Number columns are formatted correctly. Follow the example above for each field and be sure to include the [sep] field which will add the comma between the fields for the CSV (comma separated value) format.

Save the format. This will be available each time you need to export your data for import into Logos.

Export your Data

Still on the Data Export Screen, update the Start and End Dates to the date span you need to export from ParishSOFT Giving and Import into Logos. Click Export Data.

The exported .csv file and how to update it 

The exported csv worksheet (lower left) must be modified slightly in order to work as an import file into Logos.

  • Insert a column to the left of the first column.
  • Insert a row above the first row and add the logos headers (as shown below-right) including membernum in column A (while leaving the rest of column A blank).
  • If the date column is not already formatted as mm/dd/yyyy, format it this way. The year must have four digits.
  • Add the ffundnumber header to the top row in the column to the right of the current data.


Exported File from PSG             Modified File ready to Import into Logos

 Fund Number: In Logos, the fund number format is F.ssss where F represents the Fund Number and s represents the sub-fund. If Logos has Fund 1 for Tithes and 2017 is the sub-fund, this is recorded in Logos as 1.2017. If there is a Logos Fund 2 and a Sub Fund 1, it is recorded in Logos as 2.0001.  ParishSOFT Giving does not allow decimals in the Fund Number. Before importing this file into Logos, the ffundnumber column must be manipulated to have the decimal for Fund/Sub Fund combination files without changing those which are simply Funds.

Format the new column you added for ffundnumber as a number with four decimals then add the decimal: 

  • Right-Click on the ffundnumber column letter, and click Format Cells. Then select Number and increase the Decimal places to 4.

  • Add a formula into the first empty cell under the ffundnumber header by entering the equal sign (=), then clicking into the fund number to the left of the current cell and typing  /10000. The formula for the example above would be =E2/10000.  (You may just type this in also, as long as you use the correct cell reference).

  • After adding the formula, click in the lower left corner of the cell and drag it down all the way to the last cell. This will copy the formula for all funds.

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