CNA Payroll - Employee: Hour tracking for part time salaried employees

I would like the Current Earnings Report to reflect the actual hours of our Part-Time Salaried Employees. Is there a way to update their hours on their Timecard without it affecting the salary amount?

It is possible. Let's say you have an employee who is set up as Part Time Salaried. If you have not entered the number of hours or their pay rate in their Employee Information screen as shown below, you may add the hours when processing payroll and it will keep their Pay Period Amount the same when processing payroll and adding hours. 

During the Payroll Process, when you go into the employee's time card, it will show 0.00 Hours and the Pay Period Amount you set up in their Employee Information Record.

After you update the time card in the payroll process, the hours are recorded and the Pay Period Amount stays the same. Note: If hours were entered in the Employee Record, the Pay Period Amount will change when you update the Hours. If you want it to stay the same, you will have to click into that field and change it back.

The Current Earnings Report will show the hours recorded in all selected Payroll Processes.

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