LII People - Second Addresses

Tip 1 ─ Mailing Labels for Families

Second Addresses are linked to individuals to allow the flexibility of having different members of a family at different locations. Thus, a college student can use his or her campus address, while the rest of the family uses their primary address. Both the Family Labels and Household Labels options in Label routines will print labels for both the primary address and each currently active second address for family members who fit the Search Criteria. (Second Addresses are active within the From and To Dates each year.)

Thus, if the Second Address is used for the entire family (e.g., a vacation home), but has been entered in only one family member’s record (typically the .01 “Head of Household), the Family and Household Labels functions will print a label for both addresses.




To avoid printing an extra label for a family with an active second address, either —

1. Use the Copy Address button in the Secondary Address window to select the family member from whose record you want to copy the Second Address into the current record. Repeat for each member of the family OR —

2. Narrow your Search Criteria when you print labels so that the family members who do not have a Second Address entry are omitted. The most likely way to do this is to add this line to your criteria:

ID Number Is Equal to 0.01.

This will eliminate any extra labels to families with a Second Address, while locating all — or very close to all —the families to be included in the mailing. If you have any families with someone other than an .01 ID number who are the only ones who fit the other Search Criteria, make an entry (e.g., “INCLUDE”) in their records in a field that is not being used (e.g., Misc6), and then add that item to your Search Criteria:
( ID Number is Equal to 0.01 ----OR---- Misc6 Is Equal to “INCLUDE “ )
Add parentheses ( ) and “Or” to find records that meet the rest of your criteria and that have either the desired ID Number extension or the “include” item.

NOTE:When printing labels for individuals, not for families, the currently active address always prints.

Tip 2 ─ Family Listings for Directory/Rolodex/Export to Word Processing

The Family options in these routines determine the address that prints with the Family listing by the member with the lowest ID extension (.01, etc.). Family members with a different Second Address can also be listed separately with their Second Address. See Exclude… option below for the directory.

 Exclude 2nd Address listing for others in family –When printing a Family Directory, mark this check box if you do not want to print a separate listing for individuals who have a Second Address that is different from the one that prints with the Family Listing.

 Second Address (First selected Person) ─ When printing a Family Directory, on the third screen of the wizard, two option buttons become active when you mark this check box:

o In addition to 1st Address ─ Both addresses will print, with the Second Address indented after the 1st Address. Seeing both addresses is valuable since a directory is usually intended to be used over a period of months, and some people will move between their residences during the months after the report prints.

If a family has more than one Second Address (e.g. a vacation or seasonal home for the family, plus a student away at college), both the 1st Address, plus the Second Address of the first selected person will print with the family’s listing. (If the first selected person has no Second Address, none prints with the family listing.) Plus, each family member with a different Second Address can also be listed separately with that address. See Exclude…item above.

o Instead of 1st Address ─ This option is provided for situations where you need the currently active address. Only the Second Address prints if it is the currently active address. If not, the routine prints the second address in addition to the primary one.

Tip 3 ─ Second Addresses on Other Reports

People ─ Second Addresses do not print on most People reports. The Full Individual’s Profile report prints both the Primary and Second Address.

Attendance ─ Second Addresses do not print on Attendance reports

Contributions ─ Most reports (including Export Envelope Numbers) print the currently active address.

• For couples defined as Joint Accounts, the Second Address must be in the .01 (Head of Household) record in order to print in Contributions reports.

• Donor Lists > Donor Master List does not print the Second Address.

Event Registration ─ Most reports print the currently active address.

Tip 4 ─ Using Second Address for Permanent Mailing Address

When a person receives mail at a PO Box or other address in a city different from his or her residence, enter that as a Second Address and set the Date Range to the full year. That will define this location as the currently active address. If the City and Zip Code for a PO Box are the same as for the residence, simply enter the PO Box in the Address 2 line on the Family (Mailing) tab.

Tip 5 – Cass Certify Second Addresses

With Logos Mail Manager, the Certify Address button in the Secondary Address window allows verifying and automatically updating addresses to meet U.S. Postal Service specifications as they are being entered or updated. All Second Addresses can be certified when the Certify Addresses routine (People > Utilities panel) is run.

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