LII MM - Mail Merge Presort Label Data

Logos Mail Manager makes it easy to merge CASS Certified/Presorted label data into a document. Thus, you can print and address a newsletter in one pass through your printer. (We recommend first running the Certify Addresses routine on the People > Utilities panel to CASS Certify all addresses in the data base or produce a report of those that could not be certified automatically so that you can update them in the Manage People routine.)

1. CASS Certify Addresses

Using any Logos II Label routine, select the Logos Mail Manager option, enter your Search Criteria, then complete the CASS Certify steps to verify your addresses and print the Form 3553 to submit to the post office. (At any place in the CASS Agent Wizard, press the F1 key or click the Help button on the screen to see instructions for that step of the process.)

3 Click into the Replace with: field and click the Special button again. This time select Tab Character from the menu to place “^t” in the field.

4 With Find What: showing “^p” and Replace with: showing “^t”, select the Replace All button to change all Paragraph marks to Tab characters.


2—Replace Successive Tab Characters


5 When finished, highlight the “^p” in the Find what: field, click the Special button and select Tab Character. Click the Special button again and pick Tab Character a second time.


6 Again, click into the Replace with: field and click the Special button. This time select Paragraph Mark. When you click the Replace All button now, all instances of two successive Tab characters (at the end of each record) will be replaced with a single Paragraph mark, setting the end of each record.


3 —Replace Page Breaks


7 Next, highlight the text in the Find what: field, click the Special button again, and choose Manual Page Break.

8 Clear the text in the Replace with: field. When you click the Replace All button, all page breaks that now separate records will be removed.

4 —Insert Header Row

9 Drag your mouse across the first record in the file, highlighting all fields and press Ctrl+C (the Copy command).

10 Click immediately in front of the first field in that row and press Enter to insert a blank row, then press Ctrl+V (Paste).

11 Replace the data in each field in that row with a field name (Name, Address, Address 2 [if used], City/State/Zip, Barcode)

12 Save and close the text file. It is now ready to be used for mail merge.

4. Merge Data into Main Document

a. Open your main document in Microsoft Word.

b. Use Word’s Mail Merge procedures to merge the data from your text file into the document, creating a new Merge document.



 Mail Merge: On the Index tab of the Logos II Help file, type Mail Merge. Select the Tips article for the word processing version you are running.

 Tips documents for Microsoft Word Mail Merge are also available at

 The barcode field must be formatted to use the SatBar font, with Size set to 12.



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