LII MM - NCOA Processing (2-45)

Logos II provides the capability of processing all your Logos II addresses against the U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) database. This processing is a requirement for CASS Certifying all Standard Mail.


1. Updating Logos II (Skip this step if Hosted)

 In order to use NCOA Processing, you should be running the most recent Logos II version. Logos regularly updates the program to make sure it is in full compliance with U.S. Postal Service regulations.

To verify that you are current, select the Logos II Help tab and select About Logos II. Then click the Updates button (requires System Administrator status) to connect to the Logos website and determine if an update is available. Follow the onscreen prompts to download and install the update, if available.

 2. Registering Your NCOA Processing Account

Open Logos II Version 9 and verify that your Logos Customer Number is correctly entered in the Customer Number field on the Preferences > Organization screen. (This number is used in defining your NCOA

  • Processing Account with Satori Software, Logos’ partner in developing Logos Mail Manager.)
  • Then select Certify Addresses from the Utilities panel.
  • Click the NCOA Certify button to open the Move Agent Wizard.



Move Agent Wizard Screens

Sign On -- On the first screen of the wizard, under Processing Option, select Create Account and click the

Next button.

Customer Type – Accept the first option (Process lists as a Client) and click Next again.

Contact Information – Complete all information fields except Parent Co. and Marketing Co. (If you do not know your organization’s U.S. Postal Service Mailer ID, contact your local Post Office.) In the NAICS Code field, enter 813110 to identify your organization as a Non Profit. Accept the Other entry in the Processing Frequency field. Click Next.

Account Notification Method – This screen explains that you will print and review the authorization forms and fax (preferred) or mail them to Satori Software. Under Notice of Activation, you are given the choice of three methods by which Satori Software will notify you with your User ID and Password that will allow you to process your list. (Fax is the preferred method for both security and speed of notification.) Select Next.

Account Summary – Review the information that displays, and if correct, click the Print Forms button. In the Print window that opens, select the OK button to begin printing.

After printing, click the Finish button to close the Move Agent Wizard window and then click Finish again to close the Cass Certify window.

Complete Forms – On the printed forms, the person whose Name was entered as the Contact must sign on the Signature line at the bottom of the first page. On the second page, the same person must sign beneath his or her name in the List Owner section, asserting that he or she has reviewed the information in the final three pages that printed.

 3. Submitting the Forms

 In order to use Logos Mail Manager’s Move Update NCOA service, you must either fax or mail the first two pages that printed, with signatures, to Satori Software. Satori’s fax and mailing address are on the first page.

As a Logos Mail Manager customer, your information will be processed and Satori will respond to you with your ID and Password information, enabling you to process your mailing list. As long as you remain current with your Logos Mail Manager subscription, your account will be valid. The Postal Service requires that you renew the account each year. This is done through the same NCOA Certify routine, selecting the Renew Account option on the Sign On screen.

 4. Defining Your Firewall (Skip this step if Hosted)

If your computer has a firewall defined, have the person who manages this ensure that access to servers is enabled to Port 5150. This is necessary so that updated addresses can be transmitted back to your system. Because of the wide variety of firewall operations, the steps to define this NCOALink access will vary from system to system.

 5. Processing Your Address List

 Once you receive your User ID and Password from Satori, return to the Certify Addresses routine on the Logos II People > Utilities panel. Click the NCOA Certify button to open the Move Agent Wizard.
Sign On – Enter your new User ID and Password in the Login fields, mark the Save Password check box, select the Process List option button and click the Next button.

Move Update Processing Options – Select the Matching Logic that you want used in searching for address changes. The Individual and Family option will search for both individuals and families who have moved.

Multiple Input Names -- Select the option you desire to apply when more than one name was entered in the address change information. Then select Next to move to the second screen of processing options.

Oldest Move Date – Accept 18 months as the time frame to scan.

Class of Mailing – The USPS requires a selection here. If you are uncertain of the class for which the updated data will be used, accept All. Then select Next to continue.
Move Update Format Options – Before transmitting your records to NCOALink for processing, Mail Manager runs Address Correction. Corrected addresses have a much higher success rate when being processed for change of address information. You can choose among the same formatting options on this screen as you do when running the Address Correction Wizard:

Unit Information Placement – This option is dimmed.

Address Element Format – Indicate the format you desire for each address element:: abbreviate using standard USPS abbreviations, spell out the address element in full, or abbreviate with punctuation marks.

Casing – Select Mixed Case (Upper and lower) for addresses, organization and individual names.
Uncorrected Addresses – Mark this check box to have addresses updated as much as possible, even if the full address is not able to be corrected. Then select Next to continue.

Job Summary – The Summary page displays a brief summary of the selections you made. The settings will be saved as the defaults for use the next time the wizard is opened.
This page also shows your credits account balance and the number of credits required by the current job. If you do not have enough credits, you will not be able to continue. Contact Logos to renew your Mail

Manager Subscription:
Otherwise, click Finish to start processing.

Move Update Progress – As soon as you click the Finish button, Mail Manager begins transmitting your data for NCOALink processing. The Move Update Progress window shows the number of addresses being transmitted and indicates the progress and statistics for the current process:

Job Information / Phase: The text above the thermometer indicates the current process:

Sending Records – Data is being transmitted to NCOALink.

NCOA Processing – Data is being processed against NCOA.

Retrieving – Updated data is being transmitted back from NCOALink.

Completed – The process is finished. All addresses that were processed automatically have today’s date entered in the Date NCOA Processed field, which will automatically be cleared if an address is then changed within Logos II. This field can be used in Search Criteria to locate new or changed addresses.

Address Correction – This section of the window shows the completed statistics of how many records were able to be coded and how many had errors. (If you had requested that LOT (Line of Travel) information be appended, that total displays also.

Move Update – This section of the window shows the completed statistics on the number of records that matched NCOA data, indicating how many addresses were able to be updated.

Reports – The three buttons in this section allow you to Preview, Print and/or Save as PDF the Address

Correction report (PS Form 3553) and the NCOALink Processing Summary. Both reports are produced together. After printing the reports, select Close to open an Output Destination window in which to preview, print or export the NCOA Certification Changes report with a list of the addresses that were changed. Select the Print button to process the report. Then select Cancel to open another window from which to print the NCOA Certification Errors report. Then select Cancel to close the window. Correct as many of the addresses on the Errors report as possible on the Family (Mailing) tab of the Create/Update routine. Use the Certify Address button to open the Address Browser for those addresses, aiding you in updating and certifying them.

Finish – Select the Finish button on the Cass Certify window to exit from the routine.


The date on which you run NCOA Processing is stored with each address record in the database. You will not need to process them again for three months, and the system will not re-select those addresses until 90 days have passed. If you change an address that had been processed, that date is cleared, and the record can be processed at any time once you have enough new and changed addresses or 90 days has passed.

The Postal Service requires that any NCOA Processing must be done for at least 100 addresses, so do not run this again in less than three months unless you have more than 100 new or changed addresses in your database. At any time you can run a report in which your Search Criteria uses the Date NCOA Processed field to determine if you have at least 100 new or changed addresses to warrant running this processing before 90 days is up.

If operating in a hosted environment, skip Steps 1 and 4 on the first two pages. Complete Steps 2, 3 and 5.

You can define a Filter in Manage People to locate addresses that are not within your local Zip Code range. You can quickly scan through the grid, checking the Relation to Church (Status) field for records that may need to have that information updated if you want to indicate they are no longer active and/or should not continue to receive mail.

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