LII Contributions - Import Scanned Checks (2-50)

Logos II makes it easy to import contributions from checks that have been processed through Heartland Payment Systems.

1. Install your Heartland Scanner and Software on the computer that will be used to scan checks. Follow the directions in the Welcome email and initiate Live Chat. The representative will be alerted that you are a Logos User. You will be issued a Username and Password to use in processing checks and accessing your data on the Web. NOTE: In setting up the software, you will define a “store” for each of the funds to which people contribute. Ensure that each store is designated in Heartland’s scanning interface to correspond properly with the correct Fund Number in Logos II (e.g., 1.0000 for General Offering, etc.).

2. Scan the checks, grouping all checks for each fund (“store”) so they can be scanned in separate batches. If a donor wants a single check to be distributed to multiple funds, include that check in the batch for the first fund, and set the check aside as a reference for editing that batch after importing (Step #5).

3. Transmit the check images following the instructions provided by Heartland. Allow time (normally about thirty minutes) for the checks to be processed.

4. In Logos II, go to the Contributions > Utilities panel and select Import/Export and then Import Contributions. Select the Heartland (Check-21) option button.



If one or more batches of checks have completed processing, click the Download Batch(s) button to copy the data files to your computer. (The Import File field will be empty unless you have previously downloaded any batches, but have not yet imported them into Logos II.)

The Download Batch(s) button opens a window in which to define your download:



Enter your assigned Username and Password.

The Heartland Archive Directory field shows the location of your Heartland files.
The additional fields should be left blank unless your Heartland technician instructs you to fill them in.Click the Import button to download any completed batches. If there are numerous batches, this process may take awhile.


Import Scanned Checks: Heartland


Logos II Version 9

You return to the initial screen, and the name and location of the first downloaded batch appears in the Import File field. (The Import routine places the files in the \Check_Images folder within your current data directory.)

If more than one batch was downloaded, you must import the first batch, and then run this routine again for each batch that was downloaded.



Click the Next button to open the Field Matching window.

All fields that are required to import will display with colored column headers. No manual field matching is needed.



You can browse the items. Then click OK when ready to import.

A window then displays the number of transactions being imported. Just click the Import button to launch the process.

You then see a series of screens with check images (next page), each needing to be linked to the correct donor’s record. (Once a donor’s bank and account information is stored, subsequent checks from that donor are imported automatically.)

For each check that displays, use the Search Grid above the check to locate the donor.

The Search Grid operates as in all other Logos II routines. Simply type data in any column and the list will advance to the first record that matches those keystrokes.

Family Name/Full Name – These option buttons below the grid control how names are sequenced, either using the Family Name to group all members of a family together, or the Full Name to list each individual in order by his or her full First, Middle and Last Name.

Select Fields – You may use this button to open a window that allows you to add or remove fields from the

Search Grid.
Display Flagged Records – Unmark this check box if you do not want the grid to include names that have been flagged to be deleted.

Filter – You may use this button to define criteria to display only selected records. For example, you may want to display only persons marked as Active Donors or only Adults (ID is Less Than or Equal to 0.02).

New Family/Next in Family – Use these buttons if a check was received from a person or organization for which there is no matching record. (If a Filter has been applied or if flagged records are not displaying, change those settings first to make sure that this donor really does not have a record. Also, you can search by the street name in the Address column and by the Phone number as further verification before adding a new record.


Always verify that the address on the check image matches the address shown in the grid. If a check address differs, click on the Edit Family Data icon on the toolbar and update the address accordingly.
Once you verify that you selected the right donor, click the OK button or press the Enter key. Bank and account data are added to this record.

Repeat for all other check images needing to be matched. Click OK for the last check you matched. This window opens:

Batch Information – You can edit the Date of the batch and add a Reference (e.g., Heartland Import) to identify the items in the batch. Click OK to complete importing the batch.



5. Repeat the above steps for any other batches that downloaded.

6. Go to the Enter Contributions routine (Data Entry panel) to view the newly downloaded batch. Verify the fund numbers for the imported items, and if necessary, edit them before posting. For example, if a check amount is to be distributed to more than one fund, double-click on the Amount for that item in the Batch grid, then in the entry screen, edit the amount for that fund. Then add a new transaction for each additional fund, making sure the Total equals the imported Amount. Then click OK to save the change.


Money orders or bank checks need to be entered manually and included with your cash deposit.
If any items were entered to a fund number that does not exist in Logos II, you must create a fund with that number in order to then change those items to the correct fund.

7. Once you verify the data in the batch, click the Select & Post Batches button to update donor records. If linked to Logos Accounting, this will also post the batch totals to your General Ledger.

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