LII People - Email: Sending Statements through Logos Email

How to send statements via email

Using the Logos Email feature in Logos II, you can send contribution statements to your donors as PDF attachments via email.

Please Note

• Only donors with an email address in their profile will receive an email.

• At this time Logos Email does not track returned or undeliverable emails.


 1. In Preferences – Email, select the Logos Email option. Contact Support to get the Logos E-mail Username and Password. Once you have selected the Logos Email option, enter the Username & Password you obtained from support.


 2. After selection, the program will prompt you to install Logos Email. Click OK to proceed with the installation.


 3. In the Logos Email install routine, click the Next button, then the Install button, and then the Finish button to complete the installation.

4. Next, still in Preferences – Email, in the E-mail Address field define an existing email
address. This email address will be used as the From and Reply-To addresses in your
email communications.

5. Then, enter the Username and Password for your organization’s Logos Email
account. Click OK to save your changes.

Note: If you do not have your Logos Email Username and Password, please
contact Logos Support at


 1. In the Statements/Letters/Receipts routine, each of the three report options (Giving Summary, History by Date, and Receipt Option) allow you to define a template email body which will be used when the
Email via PDF option is selected at the last step.



Once you have selected the type of statement to generate and selected your other report options (such as choosing the date range to print, selecting the option to print the IRS Disclaimer, etc.), the third screen in the process includes the Email Body (Only if select Logos Email) checkbox. Mark this box to define the message which will appear in the emails to your donors. This message is saved for the next time you use this routine, and can be edited each time if needed.



2. Then click the Edit Email Body button  on the next step to define your
email body.

3. Use the standard HTML editor to create your email body. Click the Save  icon when



4. On the final Output Destination screen, choose the Email via PDF option to send your



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