Facility Scheduler - Link to Outlook (3-04)

When an event has been entered into Logos Facility Scheduler, the Event Confirmation report prints
all the details defined for that event. You can quickly notify key people about this confirmation and
update their Microsoft Outlook Calendar by attaching a PDF file of the report to an Outlook Calendar
entry. Or, you can simply attach the PDF to an e-mail message send from the Event Planning routine.

First, Create the Confirmation

1. In Logos Facility Scheduler, go to the Reports panel and select Confirmation Form.

2. Enter the date(s) of the desired event and mark the Select One Event check box.

3. Select the event from the list that appears, then select Next two times.

4. At the Output Destination window, mark the
Send to PDF option and select Print.




5. In the Save As window, you can change the location where the file will be created by browsing in the Save in field. The default location is \logoswin\schedule\export\pdf.
Type a name for the file in the Print Report to field.

Option 1 􀀀 Update Outlook Calendar

1. In Microsoft Outlook, select Calendar, and then select New.

2. Enter the Event Name in the Subject field, and the Start and End Date(s) and Times.

3. Click the Paper Clip icon on the Appointment window’s tool bar. In the Insert File window, browse
to the location where the PDF file was saved. Select the PDF file and click the Insert button.

4. Click on Recurrence button on the tool bar to define additional dates on which this event will occur.

5. Click on Invite Attendees to open the window in which to identify individuals to notify of the event.

6. Click the Send button to send an e-mail alert. Recipients then have the option to accept the addition
to their calendars.

Option 2 􀀀 E-mail Event Confirmation

1. In Logos Facility Scheduler, open Event Planning and locate the event in question.

2. Click onto the Staff tab and verify that the Contact Person and Email fields have been completed
correctly. Also, if any other leaders are to be notified of the confirmation, verify that they are selected
in the Staff list and have their email addresses defined (Data Entry menu > Staff…).

3. Press the Email button.

4. In the Send Email to window, enter the Event name as the Subject, and type any desired text as
the Message.

5. Click the Add Attachment button to open a window in which to locate the PDF file of the Confirmation report.

6. Click OK.

7. An alert asks, “Do you also want to send this message to Staff Members marked for this event?”
Select Yes to send copies to the Contact Person and staff members. Select No to send only to the
Contact Person.

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