CNA Payroll - Reports or Forms: 1099 How do I print a 1099 for an employee?

How do I print a 1099 for an employee?

The ConnectNow Accounting Payroll Module does not track 1099 contractors/employees, so the only way to give them a 1099 form is to set them up as a Vendor in the Ledger & Payables Module.

Follow these steps to create a 1099 record/report for a 1099 employee:

To create a Vendor record for this employee, click the Ledgers and Payables Tab and select Vendors. Fill in the pertinent information for this Employee and use Employee as the Vendor Type.

Click on the 1099/Checks tab then mark Print 1099 for this vendor. Add the Tax ID number. Finally,  enter an adjustment into the pertinent year's Adjustment Amount field. This is the year for which you need to print the 1099. When you Submit the record, it will automatically fill in the 1099 Amount field.

If you then want to generate a 1099 for Vendor Type Employee, you may select this category on the 1099 - Misc  Configure Report page.

 See the following article for additional information on 1099 Employee Reporting Requirements

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