Logos Ministry Scheduler - 3-08 Maintain Ministry-Logos II Data

Both Logos Ministry Scheduler and Logos II have a Program Links screen in Preferences (File
menu) that allows defining a link between the data in these two programs. In both programs, you must
go to the Program Links screen and then mark the Activate Link checkbox to define the path to the
other program’s data. In some cases it may be necessary to use the Browse button  to locate the
correct data directory for the other program.

Once Logos Ministry Scheduler and Logos II Church Management data is linked, follow these
guidelines to keep data current in both programs and avoid problems in keeping the data synchronized.

Identify Records Newly Imported from Logos II

When the Import Logos II Individuals routine is run in Ministry Scheduler, all records newly being
added to Ministry Scheduler all have one thing in common: no Event information has been entered yet.
Thus, to quickly identify these records, on the Reports panel, select Inactive Persons and mark the
option to Print if No Events. Select Next to preview or print the report.

Update New Records — Add Events

The Quick Update routine on the Utilities panel lets you select multiple individuals for which to update
event and/or ministry data. (All newly imported records already have at least one Ministry defined.) Use
the Update by Selected Individuals option to select those who are to be scheduled to serve at a
particular event. Then advance to select that event and complete the routine. Repeat for each
additional event needing to be added to the newly imported records..

Update Personal Information in Logos II — Ministry Scheduler is Updated Automatically

The link between Ministry Scheduler and Logos II is defined so that personal information on people
(address, phone, e-mail, birthday, etc.) is updated in Logos II, which automatically updates that data in
Ministry Scheduler. These changes do not need to be made in both programs, nor do you need to run
the Import Logos II Individuals routine to bring those changes into Ministry Scheduler.

Even though some changes may first be encountered in the operation of Ministry Scheduler,
most churches limit which staff members are responsible for this information in church records.
Also, Logos II has the option with Logos Mail Manager to CASS Certify address changes.
Therefore, if the person operating Ministry Scheduler does not have access to change Logos II
data, submit such changes to the person responsible for this data in Logos II.

Data Backups

When running Logos II and Ministry Scheduler with linked data, it is vitally important that you frequently
and consistently backup the data in both linked programs, keeping your data backups “in synch”. Then,
if it ever becomes necessary to restore a data backup in either program, be sure to also restore the
companion backup for the other program. Restoring a backup in only one linked program can result in
that program having records that do not contain linking information while the other program has records
that indicate the data is linked. The end result of such confusion can be that duplicate records get
created and a great deal of extra work ensues.

For example, suppose that the Import Logos II Individuals routine in Ministry Scheduler was run
yesterday, adding some new member and ministry records. Then today, due to a problem in the
Logos II data, it becomes necessary to restore a backup that was made prior to that import. If we
only restore a backup in Logos II, that data will not reflect the data linkages created yesterday. But
Ministry Scheduler does. The next time we import Logos II data, Ministry Scheduler will end up with
duplicate records. What should be done in this scenario is to also restore a Ministry Scheduler data
backup of the same date as the restored Logos II data backup (All Logos backup files include the
date in the file name — MS DATA 2011-04-11.ZIP.). Then data in both programs is back to the
same point prior to the Import being run. Now when we run the Import routine again, both programs
get updated correctly.

We strongly recommend that you purchase and install Logos Global Backup. This powerful, but
simple utility automates the backup process for both programs, and is as easy as 1-2-3 —

1. You define the schedule of when you want backup files to be made.

2. You select the Logos data directories that you want to be backed up. All your Logos data can be
backed up at the same time.

3. You identify the location where the data backups are to be stored. This can be a drive on your
system (e.g., a removable drive that can be stored safely away from your computers) or an Internet
(FTP) site. You have the option to contract with Logos to lease space at a secure data storage site.

For Global Backup information, call 800 266-3311.

Deleting Data

The automated linkage between Logos II and Ministry Scheduler is designed to quickly add or update
information. However, when data that appears in both programs needs to be deleted (a member record
is to be removed from the database or a ministry is to be removed from a member’s record), the
deletion needs to be done in both programs. (Logos places a very high regard on protecting data from
inadvertent deletions, so removing certain kinds of data must be done intentionally in both programs.)

Personal Data Exception: Clearing data in Logos II from any fields that display on the Data
Entry tab in Ministry Scheduler automatically clears that same data in Ministry Scheduler. All
other linked data needs to be deleted in both programs.


Deleting a Person

• In Ministry Scheduler, open the person’s record and select the Delete icon  on
the command bar. A prompt will alert you about the impact of this action on schedules that
have been run. To proceed with the deletion, select Yes.

• If the person is to be retained in Logos II, open the person’s profile in the Manage People
routine, go to the Skills (Talents/Ministry) tab and Delete or Change the ministry that is
linked to Ministry Scheduler. Use the Change option when you want to retain information
that this person used to perform this ministry. For example, an item with “Active” as the
value could be changed to “Inactive” or “Experienced”. If no such value has been defined,
select Skills (Talents/Ministry) on the desktop roadmap and add that value.

• If the person is to also be deleted from Logos II, open the person’s profile in the Manage
People routine.

1. Select the Flags icon on the command bar and select Flag Family or Person.
(Flagged records can be deleted periodically by running the Delete Flagged utility.)

2. If the record was flagged, but not deleted, go to the Skills (Talents/Ministries) tab
and Delete or Change any items linked to Ministry Scheduler to prevent the Import
Logos II Individuals routine from re-adding the record in Ministry Scheduler should the
record be unflagged at some point.

Deleting a Ministry from a Person

• In Ministry Scheduler, open the person’s record and select the Ministry tab.

1. Highlight the ministry to delete and click the Delete icon  to the right of the list.

2. A prompt asks: “Are you sure you want to delete this record?” Select Yes.

• In Logos II, open the person’s profile in the Manage People routine.

1. Select the Skills (Talents/Ministries) tab and Delete or Change the item in question.
This will prevent the data from being re-imported into Ministry Scheduler the next time
the Import Logos II Individuals routine is run.

2. Use the Change option when you want to retain information that this person used to
perform this ministry as noted above.

Deleting a Ministry from Multiple People

Ministry items cannot be directly deleted from multiple records. Thus, you must have ministry
items defined to which you want to change the members who are no longer serving. Many
churches define a Value to each Category such as "Experienced" or "Former" that indicates
people who used to do this ministry, but no longer do so. Or, churches that do not desire to
retain that information will just add one "temporary" Area/Category/Value item to which
member entries will be changed and then the “temporary” item is deleted from the system.

In Logos II, in the Skills (Talents/Ministry) routine, either –

1. Select an Area/Category and click the New Value button. Enter a title such as
"Experienced" or “Former” or "Inactive" and mark the Ministry Scheduler check box.
Click the Save icon  on the command bar.

2. Or, click on New Area and enter a title such as "Temporary" or "Delete". Click the
Save icon on the command bar to add the new item to the list with the default
Category (Undefined) and Value (Active).

Now go to the Utilities panel and select Quick Update.

1. Accept the Update by Selected Individuals option and click Next.

2. From the list of names, select each person who has the same ministry that is to be
deleted from their records. Click Next.

3. You then see the list of people who were selected (with the number selected at the
top of the grid). If anyone was missed, click Back to return to the prior screen and
select that person. If anyone was selected in error, highlight the name and click the
Delete button. When you see the correct names listed, click Next two times to move
to the Change/Add Selected Skills (Talents/Ministry) screen.

4. Mark the Change/Add… check box and accept the Change option. In the upper row
of boxes, select the Area/Category/Value that is to be deleted from the selected
member records. In the lower row of boxes, select the Area/Category/Value to which
the above entry is to be changed. Then click Next until the final screen and Finish.

Repeat Steps 1-4 for each ministry that is to be deleted from multiple records.

When finished…

1. If you changed the items to a value that is marked for Ministry Scheduler, the next
time you run the Import routine in Ministry Scheduler, those member records will be
updated to the new value. Since that value is not used by Ministry Scheduler in the
Define Events > Event Ministry definitions, those people will not be scheduled. Or…

2. If you changed the items to a "temporary" Area/Category/Value, go to Skills (Talents/
Ministry) and delete that item. The data will be deleted from all member records.

Then, in Ministry Scheduler, either...

1. Run the Import routine to update the member records that have been set to
"Experienced" or "Inactive". Or...

2. Repeat the steps taken in Logos II, creating a "temporary" ministry to which member
records can be changed through the Quick Update routine.

Deleting a Ministry (Area/Category/Value)

Deleting the ministry itself will automatically delete the item from all member records.

In Logos II, select Skills (Talents/Ministry), either from the Data Entry panel of the
People roadmap or from the Skills (Talents/Ministry) screen in Preferences. Then
select the Area/Category/Value in the list and choose the Delete icon  on the
command bar. The Delete window gives you the option to delete the complete Area or the
Category or just the specific Value. Select OK to delete the item and clear it from all Logos
II records.

In Ministry Scheduler, select Define Ministries on the Setup panel of the ribbon or
roadmap. Select the specific Value to delete and choose the Delete icon  on the
command bar. Ministry Scheduler does not allow deleting a complete Area or Category in
one step. Each Value must be deleted separately.
February 6, 2012 Logos Management Software, Inc.

Since Event data exists only in Ministry Scheduler, deleting Events from a Ministry Scheduler
record is an easy way to block a person from being scheduled if you are not sure if he or she
should be permanently removed. Persons with no Event defined can still be scheduled using
the Manual Schedule routine.

At a later date you can easily re-add an Event when the person becomes active again, or
delete the record once you are certain he or she is no longer available.

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