Logos Ministry Scheduler - 3-09 Scheduling Ministries with Different Patterns

Logos Ministry Scheduler is most commonly used for scheduling events/ministries that repeat on the
same pattern (e.g., every Sunday). Some churches need to schedule one or more ministries on a
different pattern than what has been marked for the event itself. For example, many Protestant
churches serve communion on the first Sunday of each month. So, Communion Servers are only
needed one week out of the month, even though the events occur every week and all other ministries
(Ushers, Greeters, etc.) are needed on each week. And many people fill both kinds of assignments.

1. In the Events routine, select the New Event icon  and add an event that occurs on only
the specified Week(s) when the “main” event occurs. Thus, for a “Communion” event,
mark the First Week check box, leaving the following weeks unmarked. Select one of the
longer Default Cycle options (Monthly, Every Six Weeks, Every Other Month, Quarterly)
to fit the number of people needed and available.

2. On the Event Ministry tab for each “parallel” event, add the specific ministry and number of
people needed on that frequency.

3. On the Event Ministry tab for each “main” event, define the ministries and numbers of
people that are needed at each recurrence. If any ministry that you scheduled for the new
“parallel” event has already been defined here for the “main” event, delete it from here.

4. Use the People and/or Quick Update routines to add the appropriate events to member
records. Members with two or more ministries defined may need to have both a “main”
and a “parallel” event in their profile.


Suppose your church has three worship services on Sunday and serves Communion on the first
Sunday of the month. You would define six events:

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