Go-Global - Apps: How to download and configure the Go-Global app for iPad or iPhone

 How to download and configure the Go-Global app for iPad or iPhone

This document details the process for downloading and configuring the GoGlobal app for iPads, Macs or Macbooks. The GoGlobal program is used by Logos to allow users to access their hosted Logos programs.
1. Open the App Store.








Navigating on an iPad


In order to achieve a right mouse click, you perform a two-finger tap at the position where you’d like the rightclick to occur. The actual position of the right-click will be at the position of your left finger.

Figure 5: Right clicking by tapping two fingers on the screen.


In order to drag the mouse over the application (for dragging windows, selecting text in a document, etc.), you need to tap and hold at the area of the screen where you you’d like the drag operation to begin, and then begin dragging your finger across the screen. At this point, an on-screen indicator will appear to indicate that a drag operation is in progress. Note that you must hold your finger steady for brief moment before you begin dragging it. If you don’t, GO-Global for iPad will simply pan the host image, and dragging will not occur.


In order to easily scroll through a document, you can drag two fingers vertically. Dragging upwards scrolls up, while dragging downwards scrolls down. The further you go in each direction, the faster the scrolling will be. Bringing up the Touch Keyboard

In order to type in an application, you must bring up the iPad’s touch-screen keyboard. This is accomplished in several different ways. One option is to perform a three-finger tap anywhere on the screen (by simultaneously putting three fingers anywhere on the screen and immediately releasing them).

The keyboard can also be dismissed in the exact same way.

Another option is to bring up the on-screen toolbar and simply use keyboard button on the toolbar (see the
following section regarding the On-Screen Toolbar).

Bringing up the On-Screen Toolbar
The on-screen toolbar exposes some options while the session is active. In order to expose it, you may press and hold a single finger anywhere on the screen. This will bring up the toolbar for several seconds, until it will be automatically hidden.

Figure 6: The on-screen toolbar.

If you’d like to pin the toolbar so it doesn’t automatically hide, you may tap the pushpin icon on the left. Tap it again to unpin the keyboard so it automatically hides.
The following is a description of the other buttons available in the toolbar:

Keyboard Toggle Button: Tapping the ‘A’ button toggles the touch-screen keyboard.

Auto-Zoom Toggle Button: This button (indicated by a rectangle containing vertical and horizontal
arrows), toggles GO-Global for iPad’s auto-zoom feature. Tapping the auto-zoom button again disables this
feature and zooms out to show the entire screen.

Done Button: The Done button closes the session and flips back to the main host list screen.

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