PSFS Family Directory - Quick Reports: How to create family mailing labels

How to create family mailing labels

Your Family Directory address data can be used to create mailing labels. This article shows you how to use the Quick Reports wizard to create mailing labels for a mass mailing to all families or to a select list of families in your organization.  

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How to create family mailing labels

Troubleshooting misaligned labels

Setting up your Chrome Browser for printing labels

Setting up Internet Explorer Browser for printing labels


How to create family mailing labels

  1. Click Family List.

  1. If necessary, select the desired organization from the Organization list.

  2. Select the families you want to create labels for. Choose one of the following methods:

    • Make no selections to select all families.

    • Individually select the names of families from the Family List page. (Use the page buttons to advance through the list.)

    • Apply the basic or advanced filter to the Family List page to narrow down your list to a select group of families.

The filters enable you to create a select list of families. If you do not set up any filters, all of your families will be selected. For help using the filters, see How to Filter Records.

For example, suppose you wanted to create mailing labels for all active, registered families who are in your Servers workgroup. To do this, you would click to display the advanced filter and select RegisteredActive, and Servers as your search criteria and then click Apply to load the filter settings:

  1. From the Quick Reports menu, select Family Mailing Labels:

The Report Viewer opens to display your labels.

Using our filtered list example, the Report Viewer displays mailing labels for all active, registered families in the Servers workgroup:

You can print your labels or save them to disk. For details, see How to Print, View, and Save Reports.



Troubleshooting misaligned mailing labels

If you experience a problem with misaligned labels when printing from Chrome or Internet Explorer, choose a different browser or try one of the following methods to fix the problem:

Print from Adobe

Save the report as a PDF by clicking the save icon, it will download to your downloads folder and then you can open it in Adobe Reader: 

Then when you select Print, make sure you set it to "Actual Size:"



Chrome Browser

When you print directly from Chrome, the Fit to Page control button is automatically selected by default, as shown in the following illustration:

The Fit to Page control button is visible after the labels load in the Report Viewer and after you click one of the printer buttons at the top of the viewer. If you do not see the button, move your cursor to the bottom corner of the browser window to activate it.


To fix the problem, disable the Fit to Page control button by clicking one of the zoom buttons. For example, click . Then, print your labels.


Internet Explorer Browser

When you print directly from Internet Explorer, the Fit option is selected by default in the Print window:

To fix the problem, select the Actual size option. Then, click Print.


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