CNFS Offering - Reports: How Do I Create Contribution Statements?

 How to Create Contribution Statements

1) In the Offering module, select Reports.

2) Choose Contributions for the category, then choose the Statements report.

3) Select all funds by clicking the box above the funds and click Next.

4) In the Options (Filter) screen, choose the date range and groups of parishioners you want to see statements for and click Next to go to the Template screen.

5) On the Template Screen, you may select the Statement Date. You may also include a customized message in your statements which you may add through this screen. Once you have made your selections on this screen, click Next to got to the Givers screen.

6) The Givers screen will list the Families who meet the criteria you entered on the Options screen. You may mark as many families as all or as few as one. To mark them all, click the box to the left of Family Name. Or, you may enter the Family Name in the field under Family Name and search for the Family to whom you want to send a Statement.

7) Click View Statements. This will generate statements for the parishioners you choose.


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