LII People - Reports: Birthday / Anniversary List

How to create a Birthday or Anniversary List in Logos

In the People Module, select Lists, then Birthday/Anniversary List. 

In the new window, select whichever list you hope to print. Note there are some other options in the window which are self-explanatory, so choose those if you would like.

Click Next two times until you are at the Search Criteria screen

You may limit your selection to only those with certain Birthday or Anniversary Months, or to those whose special date falls within a certain time span. To do so, start by clicking the People Tab.

Here are some of the filters you may add:

To Print everyone for whom you have entered a birth date on their Personal Tab

To Limit your list to those with a birthday in the current month

To get a list of those whose birthday is in a month you specify

To limit the list to adults only

Note: all of the above will work the same using Anniversary Date in the field window.





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