CMS Networking and Installation - Unable to Open USER.DB in START.FDL

You may have had to exit CMS improperly, due to power outage or lockup, and you'll need to clean up some extra files before you can go back in.

Have everyone on the network exit out of CMS and Finance, then from the workstation that is giving the error message, click Start | Programs | CMS for Windows | Search for Extraneous Files | Yes.

and delete any files it finds.

NOTE: If you get a warning from Norton about a malicious script detected when performing this utility, click Authorize This Script | OK. This is not a malicious script, it's very benevolent!!

NOTE: If you get a message saying it can't find the SEARCH.JS script, this utility may have been previously deleted. You can do the search manually by clicking Start | Search or Find | Files or Folders. In the box where you can type what Files/Folders to look for, type: P*.NET, P*.LCK and Look In My Computer. 

Delete any files it finds.





Next, go back into CMS and click Help | About | More Info and check your Working Directory and Network Directory settings. They should be consistent.

If your Working Directory setting is pointing to your network drive letter, and your Network Directory setting is pointing to your C: drive, you need to correct these settings to be consistent. 

(Not Correct)


Click Start | Programs | CMS for Windows | BDE Configuration | click the word PARADOX on the left and change the NET DIR setting on the right to your network drive letter. 

Click File | Save | File | Exit.

If you receive an error message accessing the BDE Configuration utility, you may have the Corel Word Perfect Suite or another BDE Application installed.  Instead, open C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE\BDEADMIN.EXE and change the NET DIR setting using this process.

On the Configuration Tab, choose Drivers | Native | Paradox and change the NET DIR setting.

Click into the Version row just under the NET DIR Setting (the BDE Administrator will not save the changes if the field is still highlighted).

Click Object | Apply | Save All Edits to Paradox, Yes.

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