CMS Networking and Installation - Workstation installation and setup

Before beginning installation, you must map a drive letter to the server’s shared apps folder ( i.e. \\server\apps).

Note: if CMS is installed on the C: drive of the computer and you only need to activated it or create an Icon you can skip the mapping step.  The Workstation install will find the folder on your C: drive.

Go to My Computer and from the pull down menu, choose Tools | Map Network Drive.

Click the Browse button and browse to the Server Name. Select the shared APPS folder. Verify the checkmark at Reconnect at Log-on. Click Finish.

Download the CMS Reinstallation/Workstation Installation file below and choose Run if installing only one product, the setup should begin automatically. 

NOTE:  If installing multiple products and/or multiple locations you may choose to Save the installation file to a CD, Jump Drive, or Network location. 

Click here to download

Click here to download
















Click Next at the Welcome screen.

Click the checkbox at either the CMS People Products Workstation installation or the CMS Fund Accounting Workstation Installation.














The installation wizard will automatically scan for a previous installation.

You must verify the location for your CMS System.

The Destination Folder should be the network drive letter you mapped above.

If the destination folder defaults to another location, click the Browse button and choose the mapped drive letter.

Click Next.

Confirm your installation settings and click Next.

The installation wizard will proceed to install your CMS.

After a few moments, you will be asked if you would like to add the CMS icon to your desktop. Answer Yes.

Double click the CMS icon on your Windows Desktop.

This workstation installation is now complete!

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