CMS Networking and installation - How to Update CMS Using the Online Update Process

Updating CMS is a straightforward process, generally the best way to update CMS is to do it through the online update process.

To do an online update:

  1. Open CMS, using the administrator password if necessary
  2. Go to File and choose the Update option
  3. Once the Update screen opens, choose the option for Online Update

  4. The word UPDATE should automatically be entered in the Source Folder field
  5. Click on Ok to start the update process
  6. You will get a message asking if you have done a backup before updating, if you have then click on Yes otherwise click on No and then click on the Cancel button to close the update screen. After the update screen is closed, then you can do a backup of CMS. Once the backup is done then start over with step 2.

  7. The next mesage will ask if it is okay to start downloading the update, click on Yes to start the download

  8. The download will start downloading and depending on how fast your download speed is, it can take a few minutes to download the update

  9. Once the download is complete, then the install screen will open

  10. Click on the Install button to start the install process
  11. There will be a message that appears which will ask if you have done a current backup, if you have then click on Yes; otherwise click on No and then click on Cancel to close the Update screen. Once the update screen is closed, then you can do a backup and after the backup is done you can start over from step 2

  12. After clicking Yes to the above message, the install will start processing

  13. After the install is finished processing, then the message will appear that asks you to close the CMS program to have the update take effect

  14. Close and Reopen CMS
  15. Now you should be on the latest version of CMS

The same update process works for both CMS People Products and also for CMS Fund Accounting.

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