CMS Networking and Installation - Shoot! I forgot to make an archive before I closed the year!

PROBLEM:  I ran the End of Year Process in either CMS Contribution, Ledger & Payables, or Payroll and forgot to make the archive first!

SOLUTION:  As long as you have a backup of your data before you closed the year, you can recover that archive!

Go to CMS People Products or CMS Fund Accounting (depending on the archive that is missing).  Click File | Utilities | Archive CMS (for CMS Contribution) or Archive Fund Accounting (for Ledger & Payables or Payroll)

Click into the Folder Name and Shortcut Name and replace the current year with the year that is missing.  Click OK.

Once complete, exit the current year system and double click the new Archive icon on your desktop.

Click File | Restore and restore your pre-End of Year backup.

Restart CMS and when you come back in, you should see your previous year's data!

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