Z CMS Web Solutions - How can I upload an Audio/Video file to my CCO/POL Web Site?

Uploading an audio file is the same steps as uploading a picture or file to your web site!


You can check out our ChristianChurchesOnline.com sample web site to see how it could look/sound athttp://christianchurchesonline.com/scripts/hostedsites/Org.asp?ID=21518


Go to the page where you want to insert the audio file, log in and edit the page. Click the Insert Web Link button.

Under Option B, click the Browse button and find the WMA file you wanted to upload. Be sure there are no spaces or strange characters in the file name. Click Upload. Since audio files are usually quite large, you may need to give the system a few extra seconds to upload than a picture would normally take!

Depending on your web browser, it may prompt you to close a window, answer Yes.


Enter in the description of the audio file and click Select.



Now when the member clicks on whatever words are hyperlinked,

it will open up whatever they have for an audio player (i.e. Windows Media Player) and play the audio file!

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