CMS People - Spring Cleaning in CMS People Products

PROBLEM:  You know there are people in your database who haven't seen the inside of your church in years!  They haven't contributed or attended service and are not supporting the church at all, and you'd like to get them out of the database.

SOLUTION:  The following report will help you find those people who have not contributed or attended your church and will help you with that "Spring Cleaning" anytime of the year.

We will create a report that will sort by and print the Date of Last Contribution and will print:

  • Date of Last Attendance - If attendance is tracked.  This will help find those peple who attend, but cannot/do not contribute regularly.
  • Member Status - To view if the person is considered a member or not
  • Participation Status - To ensure you don't delete members who are homebound or in a nursing home
  • Household Record Status - To view if you've already marked them for removal, then no action is needed

NOTE:  If your church uses the CMS Attendance System, you must run the Set Membership Attendance process before you begin.  Run the process leaving the date range blank to process all attendance information entered in the database.

From CMS Contribution, click Reports | Custom List | New Report | give it a name, such as No Contributions - No Attendance. Click OK.


Click the down arrow at Sort/Group Info and choose Last Contrib date and click the checkbox at Print Group Headings and Totals.

Click the Contrib/Pledge Selections button located on the left side of the display.


Place the dot in the diamond at Persons with Contributions or a Pledge for this Year, or an Envelope Number, or Contributions in Prior Years. Click OK.

Click the Add/Remove Membership Field button.


  • Click the down arrow at Line 1 (left) and choose Person.Last Attendance.
  • Click the down arrow at Line 1 (right) and choose Person.Particp Status.
  • Click the down arrow at Line 2 (left) and choose Person.Member Status.
  • Click the down arrow at Line 2 (right) and choose House.Record Status.


Click the checkboxes at Print Address, City, State and Zip and Print Phone Number.


Click OK.

Click the checkbox at Double Space List (it will help your eyes, and give you a little space to make notes).

Click Print.


This report prints anyone who has contributed to your church this year or in prior years.


It’s sorted out by the date they last contributed, and will print the last time they attended, if they’re a member or not, if they’re in a nursing home (you may not want to delete these people!) and if they’re already marked for removal.


All of the people who gave contributed last week will be on the last few pages. So as you scroll through the report on screen, you may choose to print only the first few pages of the report.

Once you’ve gone through the list and decided who you’d like to mark for removal and delete from the database, you can mark their record for removal and delete them out of the system:

Delete vs. Remove, what's the difference?

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