CMS People - How to use the List/Checklist feature in Membership

Creating labels, lists, and merge/export files in CMS is just a matter of determining what people have in common, i.e. Choir Members, Parents of 2ndgraders, Widow/Widowers over age 70, etc.


From CMS Membership, click List/Checklist and click the New Report button on the right. Give your report a name and click OK. We’ll use the example of High School Girls.


The List/Checklist Selection screen is divided into a few sections that will help you determine who will print, what will print, what order they’ll print in, and what type of report you’ll get.

By default, if you don’t make any selections on the List/Checklist, you’ll get one line of information for each person entered in the system.


The Selections portion is where you can determine who prints on the report. This is where you need to tell the system what the people you want to report on have in common.


Click the Person Additional Selections button.


Make the selection of who you want on your report. Let’s say trying to find a list of all of the high school aged girls for a mission trip that’s coming up.


  • Click the checkbox on Age and enter the age range.
  • Click the checkbox at Gender and choose Gender.

Because the default is to include everyone in the database, the selections you make will filter out those people you do not want to include.  The more selections you make, the fewer people you will see on your report!  So you'll want to keep your selections simple to ensure you're getting just the right people on your report.

For example, if we selected only on age range, we'd get everyone in the system who is between 15 and 18 years of age.  Because we're also selecting on Gender, we'll only get the girls who are 15 thru 18.  If the gender or age is not entered on the person's display, that person will not be selected.

Click OK.

When we print the report, only those people who are 15 thru 18 years old who have been coded as female will appear on the report!

Let’s say we wanted to sort this report on Grade Level. Click the down arrow at Sort/Group Info and choose Person.Grade Level, then check the box at Print Group Headings and Totals.


The same girls will print, but they’ll now be sorted by Grade Level and you can see what grade each girl is in.  If you have some girls who do not yet have a grade level entered, they will be listed at the top of the report with no grade level indicated.

Remember, anytime you sort, the "blanks" always float to the top of the report!


Now let’s say we need to know what Mom & Dad’s names are for each girl. Click the Add/Remove Additional Fields button.

You can add up to four additional fields of information. Click the down arrow at Line 1 (left) and choose House.Label Name. Click OK.

Click Print.


Now you can see mom and dad’s name on the report, just under each girls name.


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