CMS People - Delete vs. Remove, what's the difference?

ou have several tools that you can use to keep your membership lists up to date. You will use them to remove a household or person from your congregation's records, delete a household, or delete inactive persons/households from the database. 


Use the Remove status for a household or person record when the household or person no longer associated with the congregation - perhaps because of a move, or a change to a different congregation. 

Removing a household or person allows you to keep the household's records (including contributions) in the database until the end-of-year procedures are complete, at which time you can delete removed records in the Delete Inactives process. 

You have the option to print removed households on labels and reports.

Remember that removing a household also removes all persons within the household. If any of the people in the household should not be removed, do not remove the household. Instead, remove the individual persons and set up one of the remaining persons as head of household. 

1. Use the Find function or the VCR direction buttons to display the household.
2. Open the Status drop down list box and select Remove.

Notice that the Date Changed field indicates when the changes were saved.


Use Delete only when you want to completely delete a household. For example, use it to delete a household entered in error. All records for the household will be deleted. Do not use delete if data for the household or people within the household is required for continued reporting purposes. Use the remove function instead. Current contributors cannot be deleted.

CAUTION!!! All records for the household will also be deleted. Do not use delete if data for the household or people within the household is required for continued reporting purposes. Use the Remove function instead. Current year contributors cannot be deleted. 

Contribution and attendance records for the household and all people within the household will be deleted. If these records are still needed, use remove instead of delete. 

1. Use the
Find function or the VCR direction buttons to display the household to delete.
2. Click the Garbage Can button on the speed bar. The Delete Household dialog box displays. 
3. Click Yes to delete, or click No to cancel the delete request.


Delete Inactives

Delete Inactives is a process you will perform at the end of year. The delete Inactives process deletes all persons or households with a record status of Remove and will also delete persons by selected membership status codes. 

NOTE: If you have the CMS for Windows Contribution System, current year contributors will not be included on the Inactives report and cannot be deleted from the system until End of Contribution Year has been completed. 

  1. Choose Delete Inactives from the Process menu. The Backup Confirmation dialog box displays.
  2. If you do not have a current backup of data, backup your records before continuing. Click Backup to begin the backup procedures.  If you already have a current backup, click Continue to display the Delete Inactives dialog box. 
  3. You will delete persons with a record status of Remove. 

  1. Additionally, you can delete persons by Membership Status. Click the Member Status button to display the Select Member Status dialog box. The dialog box consists of a list of codes. The codes which have not been selected will display in bold under "Available Codes." The codes which have been selected will display in bold in the "Selected Codes" column. You can use the buttons located between the columns to add and remove the codes. See Maintaining Code Tables for more information.
  2. To delete persons who have died, select the Member Status W (deceased). 
  3. To delete persons based upon Membership Status, select T (Transferred or moved). 

  1. Click the OK button to finalize code selections, or click Cancel to return to the Delete Inactives dialog box without saving the changes. 
  2. You can also specify a Date Changed date range, so select only those households/persons you have marked for removal within a date range you choose.

  1. Select your Print To: option and click the Inactives Report button. Review the Inactives report carefully! If you choose to continue, everyone on the list will be deleted from the system. If you think there is someone on the list who should not be deleted, close the screen and review that person's membership and/or participation status. 

  1. To print a Person Record per person to be delete, click the checkbox at Print Person Record before deleting.

This will print a one page report per person to be deleted, so be sure to load your printer with paper!  If you have archived your system prior to running the End of Year process in the Contribution System, you may choose not to print a person record.

  1. Click the Process button to begin the delete process. At the message dialog box, click Yes to continue. After the delete process is complete, person records will print (if the print option was selected).

  2. At the Process Complete dialog box, click OK to return to the main menu.
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