CMS People - CASS Certification Information Export/Import

While you can Export your addresses and have any mailing company CASS Certify your CMS database, only Cybertex Marketing, formerly AMTI, Applied Mailing Technology, is certified to give you the option of Importing the completed CASS Certification information and updated address list back into your CMS System.

Exporting Addresses for CASS Certification

You must create a file that can be emailed, uploaded, or mailed to Cybertex Marketing.  From CMS People Products, click File | Utilities | CASS Certification | Export.

Insert a diskette, jump drive, zip drive, formatted CD-R/CD-RW and change the To Diskette Drive letter to the appropriate drive.  Or just click into the To Diskette Drive field and type in your local disk C: drive.  Click OK.

This will prepare a file of all of the households entered in your CMS People Products.

Once the file has been successfully created, fill out the CMS Cass Certification Order Form and fax, email, or mail the form and upload the data to Cybertex Marketing.

Importing Addresses for CASS Certification

When you receive the file back from Cybertex Marketing, from CMS click File | Cass Certification | Import.

Type in the drive letter of the diskette, jump drive, zip drive, formatted CD-R, or hard disk C: where the files are located.

You can choose to Replace Addresses in upper and lower case, as CMS will allow you to choose to print your labels in Upper and Lower, or all Upper case.

Be sure to check the box at Replace Carrier Route.

Click OK and follow the instructions on screen.

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