CMS People - What are the shortcut keys I can use to help with my data entry?

There are many shortcut keys that you can use in CMS, rather than moving your hand away from the keyboard to the mouse.    

If you'd prefer to use the pull down menu at the top of the screen, press the Alt key first, then you can choose
F = File
M = Module
P = People
S = Process
R = Reports
O = Options
N = Online
H = Help
From the Household/Persons screen, again, watch for the underlined characters on buttons and use your ALT+ that underlined key at the same time.  To use the pull down menu, press Alt first, then the underlined character.
You can also use your Function keys to switch between tabs:
F4 = Household
F9 = Alt Address
F6 = Custom
F7 = Picture Notes
F8 = Misc/Postal
F4  = Person
F2  = Activities
F9  = Alt Address
F8  = Classes
F6  = Custom
F3  = Employment/School
F5  = Events
F7  = Picture/Notes
F10 = Previous House/Person
F11 = Next House/Person
You can also use some keystroke equivalents for other features:
Undo = Alt+Backspace
Cut = Shift+Delete
Copy = Control+Insert
Paste = Shift+Insert
In addition, you can quickly switch from one module to another by:
Ctrl+C = Contribution System Main Menu
Ctrl+M = Membership System Main Menu
Ctrl+A = Attendance System Main Menu
Ctrl+O = Outreach System Main Menu
On most quick entry processes (Speed Update, Quick Pledge Entry, Combine, Move, etc.) where you can see a listing of names, just start to type the last name of the person you're looking for to "jump" down to that name!

And... rather than clicking the up arrow to display a listing of codes, press Ctrl+Spacebar on your keyboard instead!

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