CMS People - Participation Status Codes

Participation Status codes are used only for Members who stopped coming to church and why.

  • Blank
  • Student Away at School
  • Homebound
  • Living in a Nursing Home
  • Military
  • Non-Resident

Coupled with Member Status codes, Participation status codes are selectable on almost every report in Membership, Contribution, Attendance and Outreach.   

You will be able to pinpoint the people on your lists, labels, directories and reports by using a combination of Member Status and Participation Status codes.

For example, if you wanted to send a mailing to invite your members to an event you may want to select your codes for Members under Member Status, and select Participation Status codes of Blank, Homebound, and Living in a Nursing Home.  But NOT select codes for Student Away at School, Military and Non-Resident, as these people are currently in town and would not be able to attend.

Or, if you were asked for a listing of all homebound members of the church for purposes of Pastoral visits, you can select All Member Status codes and select ONLY the Participation Status code of Homebound.

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