CMS People - How to globally clear data in most Membership Fields

There are times when you may want to clear out information from everyone in the database.  This can be done quite easily using Speed Update.

NOTE:  Before performing this Speed Update, make sure you have a current backup of your system!

Determine the field of information you would like to clear out.  

For example, let's say you have a Household Custom Text field where you track the amount a parent pays for their child's School Tuition.  The school year is complete, and you would like to clear this out in preparation for the next school year.

From your CMS Membership System, click People | Speed Update | House.

Click the down arrow at Fields and select the field you wanted to clear out, i.e. School $$.

Leave the Value empty or blank.  Do not type ANYTHING in this field.

Click Select Names.

Click the Add All button on the right side of the screen and everyone will now have a checkmark placed next to their name. 

Click OK.

Click Update.

The system will replace whatever was previously in that field with a blank, essentially clearing out that field completely!

This will work on any House or Person field you can Speed Update in the system.

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