CMS People - How to enter Participation in CMS Membership?

PROBLEM:  You'd like to track your Member's Attendance and Communion in CMS, but you haven't purchased the full CMS Attendance System.

SOLUTION: You can use the Enter Participation process in CMS Membership to track simple Attendance and Communion participation of your Members.

What's the difference between the CMS Attendance System and CMS Membership Enter Participation Process?

The CMS Attendance System allows you to track the individual dates, and which service each member attends on Sunday, as well as being able to track multiple groups (Worship Group, Sunday School, Church Council, etc.).

The CMS Membership System Enter Participation Process will compile only the Dates of Last Attendance/Participation and the Number of Attendance/Participation for each member.  It DOES NOT track the service attended on each individual date. 

To use the Enter Participation Process, from CMS Membership, click Process | Participation.


Enter the Participation/Attendance Date in the appropriate Field.

Click the Member/Participation Status buttons and select those people whom you would like to track Attendance/Participation.  For example, you may not want to include those people marked as Deceased or Transferred/Moved.  Click OK.

Click the Enter Partic./Attend button.

You will now see a listing of those Members who met your Membership/Participation Status selection criteria.

You may enter the data with your mouse, by scrolling down to the appropriate name and click the down arrow in the Attend column.


You may enter the data with your keyboard, by typing the first few characters of the last name to "jump" to that family.  Press the Enter key on the keyboard and type an A for Attendance, a P for Participated, or a B for Both. 

Many churches do not offer communion every week.  By using the Participated or Both code, you can differentiate between the number of times the Member Attended service, and the number of times the Member took Communion. 

Click Close when you have entered your information.

NOTE: You may choose enter some of the Attendance for the week, close out and come back and continue entering at another time!

The data you have just entered will not be transferred to the Member's Picture/Notes tab until you have posted the week.  

Click the Post Participation button.

Click the Post button to post that attendance for the week.

NOTE: You must enter Participation/Attendance chronologically (don't skip a week and enter it later!), and at the end of each year, you will want to Reset your Participation Counters. 

Do not enter January's Participation/Attendance until you have reset those counters!

Once the week has been posted, you can print a report of your Member's Attendance.

From CMS Membership, click Reports | Participation.

Click the Member/Participation Status buttons and select those people whom you would like to view on the report.  For example, you may not want to include those people marked as Deceased or Transferred/Moved.  

NOTE: Normally, this will be the same codes that you used when you entered the Participation/Attendance data.

Click OK.


Click Print.

This will display a report of the Participation/Attendance of your Members!

If you only wanted to display those people who attended that week, click the checkbox on the left side of the display at Date of Last Attendance and enter that Sunday in both the From and Thru Range.


Click Print.

This will display only those members who attended this week!


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