CMS People - How to add/remove a Member Status code/character next to name on Directory

PROBLEM:  You would like to add a Member Status code or character next to names of people with certain Membership Status.

SOLUTION:  From Membership, click Options | Define Codes | Membership Status. Remove any codes/characters in the Dir Code column for the Membership Status's that do not need a code/character in the directory. 

Type in the Dir Code column the code or character desired in the directory for that Membership Status. You can use the same code/character for multiple Membership Status codes.

Next, from CMS Membership, click Reports | Directories. Be sure that under the Print Additional Information section, the Membership/Dir Code is checked.

Make any additional selections and click Print.

You should now be able to see the code next to the first name of those members who have that code.

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