CMS People - Entering Time and Talent by Person

Using the Find system, you can go to a specific person’s Activity window and enter one or more activities.

  1. From the main menu, select Households/Persons from the People menu, or you can begin from any Household or Person screen.
  2. Click the Find button. The Find dialog box displays.
  3. Click the Person option button and select Activities and click the left mouse button. (After you select a person, this procedure will take you directly to the Activities window for that person, and it will “lock” you into selecting the Activities window for each person you select during this process.) The Find dialog box displays again.

  4. Find the first person you wish to update by entering information into at least one of the find fields:

    Enter the last name of the person or the household surname. You can enter a full or partial name.
    Enter the first name of the person. You can enter a full or partial name.
    Enter the exact envelope number (between 1 and 32,700).
  5. You can jump to last names which begin with a specified letter or letters by clicking on a last name field and typing the letters. For example, type in JO to jump to last names beginning with those letters. Press Esc to stop jumping and/or start another jump.
  6. To select a record, click anywhere on the record line, then click Select (or double click the line). This person's activity information displays.
  7. With the Activities window displayed for the person you with to update, you are ready to enter activity information:

  8. Click the Add button to display the next available activity line for that person.
  9. Enter an activity code or click the Activity Code look up button to display the Activities dialog box.
  10. You can select an activity status by clicking on the Status look up button to display the Activity Status dialog box. (This selection is optional, you don’t have to select a status.)
  11. To enter a specific term for the activity, (i.e. church council member for one year) you can enter a beginning and ending date for the activity. This entry is optional. Remember to enter dates in MMDDYYYY format. Slashes will be inserted after each 2 digits, or when the spacebar is pressed.
  12. Continue to add activities as necessary for the person displayed.
  13. If you wish to update activities for another person, click the Find button and select another person.
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