LII Contributions - All About Contributions

All About Contributions

Contributions may be recorded for any person in the Manage People grid. 

If your facility uses envelope numbers to track contributions, you may be interested in the following help article:

How to Assign Envelope Numbers

Many couples prefer to receive one statement per couple. Their account type must be set to joint.

How to Change or Update Account Type

Before you may record contributions, you must add funds in the Manage Funds Routine.

How to Add Funds

Once you have added funds, you may Enter Pledges and/or Contributions. 

How to Enter Contributions

How to enter Pledges and Pre-Paid Pledges

Contribution Statements may be sent out at any time.

How to send Contribution Statements

Contribution Reports may be done by donor or by Fund

How to print Contribution Reports

If you use a third party vendor to process your contribution transactions, you may want to import them into Logos II

How to import contributions processed by a third party vendor 



How to fix errors in a Contributions Batch

After the Contributions batch has been posted, if you find there is a transaction posted to the wrong fund, there is a routine to update the fund

How to change the fund of a single contribution in a posted batch

If the transaction dates were entered incorrectly in a batch, the following article will show you how to change the transaction dates whether the batch has been posted or not

How to change transaction dates for many items in a batch

You may need to void a contribution batch to remove it completely or to make changes. The following Help File Article will walk you through how to void a contributions batch.

How to void a contributions batch



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