LII People - Quick Update: Clear or Update Field

How to clear or change a value in a field through Quick Update

Select the Quick Update icon then mark the Change/Clear Selected Data option and click Next.

If you simply want to clear all values from one field no matter what the value is, select the Clear All option just above the Change/Clear Selected Data.


You will now see a filter screen called the Search Criteria Screen.

If you would like to clear or update the field for everyone in the data base, you may just click the Next button again. Otherwise, you may use the filter screen to select the members for whom you want to clear or update the field. After setting the filter, click Next.


The next screen will be a list of the all the People Records in your data base who met the filtered criteria.

If you want to remove any from the list, you may either use the Back button and filter them out, or you may find their name, mark the box to the left of their record and click the Delete button at the bottom right. This will just delete the selected name(s) from the list. Then, click Next.

The next screen depends on which option you chose above. The Clear/Update Field option will be a list of the Fields for which you may clear or update a value. See below for the Clear All option.

Find the field whose value you want to clear or update. Mark the box to the left of this field and enter the value you want to remove in the Change From Column and the New Value in the Change To Column. Note, the Change To Value may be left blank to clear the field. 

The Clear All option will list the field but not give you the option of the Change From and Change To columns. This is because you are simply clearing the field despite the value.

In either case, Click Next and Process. If the field has more than one value, you may need to run through Quick update several times to clear or change all of the fields.

Check out the results. You should be able to go into Manage People and pull up any Member Record who once had the original value in the field and see that it has changed.

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