Facility Scheduler - Event Planning: How to clear double-booked rooms

How to clear double-booked rooms

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

In some earlier versions of Facility Scheduler, it was sometimes possible for a room to be reserved for
two events at the same time. As each incidence of this was reported, programming modifications were
made to prevent such occurrences in future operations.

Finding Double-Booked Rooms

To locate events in which a room is also booked at the same time for another event, on the Scheduler
→ Reports panel select Facilities and then select Double Booked Rooms. The standard Output Destination window opens. Select the Print button to Preview, Print, Send or Export the data.

Clearing Double-Booked Rooms

To fix events in which rooms were double-booked –

  1. In Event Planning on the date in question, open the problem event.
  2. On the Facility tab, locate the room(s) in question and unmark the checkbox(es). This is not
    recognized as a change since the rooms are also reserved elsewhere. If you close the event now
    or move to a different event, there is no prompt to save the changes. Therefore...
  3. Also, mark the checkbox for some other room that is available and click the Save icon.
  4. If this is a Recurring Event, in the Change Event window that opens, accept the option for "this
    occurrence only" and click OK. (This saves the event, clearing the links to the rooms in question.)
  5. Now unmark the checkbox for the other room and save the single occurrence again. Or, if uncertain
    as to whether other occurrences have the same problem, save the change to all occurrences.
  6. In some cases, usually involving issues with Main/Division/Breakout rooms, it may be necessary to
    also, run Fix Room Selections (Other Utilities on the Utilities panel).

One Feature to Note: Conditional Events

If an event is marked as Conditional on the Facility tab, and then another event is scheduled to use
one of the rooms reserved for the original event, the user has the option when saving the new event
to decide whether or not to allow the rooms to be shared by the two events. Once this is done, if the user then changes the event from Conditional back to Normal, the standard Conflict alert appears.
You are then given the option to save this change and clear the rooms in conflict. The above steps
will clear that if it is no longer desired that a room is shared

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