Facility Scheduler - Rooms: How to change main rooms to have divisions

Change Main Rooms to Division or, Change Division Rooms to Breakout

When the structure of your room definitions needs to be expanded, the three-step process requires
creating new rooms for the new structure, then updating all events that use the original rooms, and then
deleting those original rooms.

Create New Rooms/Structure

To change existing Main rooms to Division rooms within a Main, first create a New Main.

  1. Open the Rooms routine and click New Main to create the new Main. Save  the record.
  2. Select the new Main in the list, and click New Division to create a Division record for anexisting Main that is to be defined within this new Main. Save the record.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for each additional Division you need to create. Save each one after adding it.
  4. Backup your data (System & Users > Backup Data) as a precaution.

Update Events

All events that use the original Main rooms must be updated:

  1. Open Event Planning and select the Search icon to open the Find Event window. In the
    Room field, select the first of the original rooms and click Next. The grid will show all events
    using that room. Select Finish to open the highlighted event.
  2. On the Facility tab, mark the check box in front of the new Division room that replaces the
    original Main room and save the event. For a Recurring Event, accept the option to save the
    change in this occurrence only. Then, unmark the check box in front of the original Main room
    and save the Event again. For a Recurring Event, this time select the option to apply the
    change to either all occurrences or all occurrences in a date range, setting the start date.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each additional event that uses an original Main room. Save your
    change for each event before searching for the next one.
  4. Backup your data again. If still on the same date as the prior backup, edit the filename so the
    two backups can be distinguished, if necessary.

Delete Original Rooms

To delete the original Main rooms that are no longer linked to any events:

  1. Open the Rooms routine and select a Main room that is to be deleted.
  2. Select the Delete icon  on the command bar A prompt asks if you want to remove that
    room and states: “Doing so will remove the room from all events in the system.”
  3. Repeat for all other rooms that are to be deleted.
  4. Back up your data one more time.

If Changing Division Rooms to Breakout Rooms…

Follow the same steps as above, changing Main to Division and Division to Breakout.

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