Go-Global - Apps: How to install the iPad App

How to install the iPad App

This document details the process for downloading and configuring the GoGlobal app for iPad’s. The GoGlobal program is used by Logos to allow users to access their hosted Logos programs.


  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Search for Graphon.
  3. Select Go-Global (not Go-Global Mobile Gateway).
  4. Select [Install].
  5. Select [Open].
  6. Select [Name].
  7. Enter the Host IP Name and your Go-Global Login Credentials then select [Add].
  8. Select [Connect]
  9. Select Logos Program to Open from Within the Go-Global Window.
  10. Log in to Logos

    NOTE: If using Attendance Check-In, tap the screen with three fingers to display keyboard.
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