LII Event Registration - Religious Education Registration: Preparation

Prior to your first year of using Logos II Attendance and Event Registration for Religious Education, follow these steps to setup your data records. (Use Set Active Date to get into the Prior Year)

1. Create Attendance Groups—On the Attendance tab on the ribbon, select Manage Groups. You can organize your classes in up to four “levels” —

  • Level1—The largest grouping: “Religious Education” or “Faith Formation” —allows you to make a single selection to print reports, rosters, labels for all “lower level” groups
  • Level2—Any sub-grouping of classes (e.g., Age Groups, Day of Week, Language, Type of Classes, etc.) in a large program or the actual classes themselves in a small program
  • Level3—(Optional) Sub-groupings within a Level2. In small or medium-sized programs, these are usually the actual classes. In a large program with multiple classes per grade, these may be grade levels.
  • Level4—(Optional) Sub-groupings within a Level3. For any groups where this level is needed, these are the actual classes.

For each group you create —

  • Enter a Description or accept the lowest Level name as the default. (Some churches add the Room Number or Name and/or Catechist Name to the Description.) The Description field can be modified at any time without impacting any structural definitions.
  • Select the Day of Week when the group meets (for reports). For groups that do not normally meet on a weekly basis, select “Sporadic” (less than once a week). After you have defined all or most of any Sporadic groups, select the Define Dates button to mark the dates in this calendar year when the group will meet. When you save the entry, you are given the option of applying the same dates to other groups, also. To also mark dates in the next calendar year, set the date ahead into that year and define the dates.
  • Program/Start/End—Optional entries —See Help for details.
  • Enrollment Tab—Define Maximum Enrollments for groups if you need to limit the number of students that can be registered per class.
  • Other Tabs —Optional entries —See Help for details.
  • Enroll Catechists/Aides/Etc. —Two options —
    • If you want teachers to appear on class rosters, go to Update Attendance, open each class record, click the Add New Person button and select the teacher(s)/aide(s) for that class from the list of names. Mark the Teacher check box. You can also enter a letter in the Position column to define the role DO NOT USE this routine to enroll students. They will be registered through the Event Registration module’s Register Individuals routine.
    • If you do not want teachers to appear on class rosters, create one or more separate “Teacher” groups and then enroll all the teachers there, as explained above.
  1. Create an Event—On the Event Registration tab, select Manage Events. Select the Define New Event button to create a new event (“Religious Education 2011-2012” or “Faith Formation 2011-2012” with a Start Date and End Date that covers the coming school year. Set the Enrollment Maximum for the total program if maximums were defined for Groups.
  2. Select the Link to Attendance button to open the Link Attendance Group to Event Registration window. Select the Level1 group that you created. Click OK. When back in the Manage Events window, select the Save icon on the command bar.
  3. After linking the event to Attendance, Define the Fees for the event. (Fee data uses the Funds defined in the Contributions module. You may need to check with the person in your parish who manages that module to ensure that the correct fund or funds have been defined.) This routine defaults to showing only Non Deductible funds. If any portion of fee payments is considered to be a contribution, mark the Show All Funds check box to expand the Fund field to allow selecting from the complete list of active funds. Make sure to press Tab for each new fee until it appears in the lower grid.
    1. You can define one fee or set of fees for the entire event, or mark the Plus sign in front of the Attendance Group to select a group for which you want to define a fee that only applies to students in that group. You can also define different per-student fees for different numbers of students in a family. For example, you can define a “standard” tuition fee, and then define one or more “discount” fees:
      Discount Option
      Faith Formation Annual Tuition $100.00
      2nd Child Discount $-20.00
      3rd Child Discount $-30.00
      4th or More Children Discount $-35.00
      Child of Catechist/Aide Discount $50.00|
      Early Registration Discount $-25.00
    2. On the Preferences > Event Registration screen, you can mark a check box to have the Register Individuals routine set all fees as unmarked when registering new people. You can then mark only the fee(s) that apply to each individual enrollee. The non-selected fees will then not be applied to the person’s record. 
    3. When you register students, all “standard” fee(s) will appear automatically. If you defined any fees as “Optional”, you can then click the Add Optional Fee button when you want to add such a fee.
      Select the Done button when you have completed adding all fees into the grid.
  4. Print your event information to verify that it is complete. Select the Print icon on the command bar and then set the date range to match your new event. Check that the Waiting List and Optional check boxes are correctly marked or unmarked.
    1. At any time you can return to the Manage Groups routine to add new Religious Education Level2/Level3/Level4 Attendance groups and they will be automatically linked to your Religious Education event and fees.
    2. You are now ready to begin registering. Logos provides two ways of registering students: Register Individuals on the Event Registration > Data Entry panel (Steps 6 and 7 below) and Register Individuals (Batch) in Event Registration > Utilities > Quick Update (Step 8). Since registrations are often received before you know for certain the specific class to which you will assign a student, you may initially register students into one or more “holding” groups and then at a later date, move some of them into the actual classes they will attend. For example, if you expect to have three or four 1st Grade classes, you could initially register all first graders into one 1st Grade group. Then, when your registrations are nearly complete, decide which students to move to the other groups. See Step 10 on the next page for tips on adjusting your enrollment.
  5. Open Register Individuals (Event Registration > Data Entry) to enroll individual students in the Attendance groups that have been linked to the Religious Education event. You also identify and apply the fee(s) for each student and then record any payments.
    The Event Registration Summary tab lists all those registered for the event. Click on the Event Description or the Plus sign in front of a folder to select a specific group. (The Registered for Event list shows the students registered for the event or selected group.)
  6. Select the Register Individuals tab to register students into the correct groups, assign fees, and enter payments or adjustments.
    1. After selecting a student in the Step 3: Search field, you have the choice of two keystrokes: Tab: Displays the “standard” fee(s), so you can mark, unmark or edit any for this student. Then click Register to apply the fee(s) and return to select the next student. Enter: Applies all “standard” fee(s) and returns to select the next student. Use this option if Preferences > Event Registration is NOT marked to “set all fees as unmarked” for new registrations.
    2. Once a student is registered, you may click the buttons below the Event Fees grid: Add Optional Fee, Apply Payment, Apply Fee Adjustment, See Event Info or Member Info. If you have defined multiple Optional fees, when they display, use the Uncheck All button to clear the Apply check boxes, and then mark the one that applies to this student.
    3. If registering students in random order for various classes, mark the Return to Select Group check box at the bottom of the form so that after registering each student, the cursor will return to the Enroll in Group field, allowing you to select a different group for the next student.
  7. Register Individuals (Batch) – This option in Quick Update (Event Registration > Utilities) allows you to quickly register multiple students to the same class who all have the same fee(s). You use the standard Search Grid to select the individuals you are registering. The next screen shows those who were selected. You then move to a screen on which you select the Event and Group to which these students are being registered. Next, unmark any “standard” fees that do not apply to these students and add any Optional Fees that do apply. After you finish registering the students, use the Register Individuals routine to apply payments.
  8. Print/Post Payments—Payments are stored in “batch” files until the posting routine is run to apply the payments to member records as permanent entries. The Print Payments routine provides a report for verifying the accuracy of entries before posting. Access to the Post Payments routine can be blocked (System & Users tab > Maintain Users) for everyone except the person who is responsible for financial entries. Post Payments works identically to posting routines in Contributions.
  9. Adjust Enrollments – Logos gives you two ways to switch the classes into which some students have been assigned. Either method can be used at any time.
    1. In the Register Individuals routine you can select a student on the Summary tab and click the Change Person button. This opens a window in which to select the group into which you want to move that student. You can repeat this for each additional student who needs to be moved.
    2. In Quick Update (Utilities), select the Attendance Move option. On the next screen you select the Event and the Group from which students are to be moved. You also select the Group in the same Event into which students are to be moved. The next screen lists all the students registered for the selected group. Highlight any student who is not to be moved and click the Delete button. Repeat for each additional student who should not be moved. When the grid shows only those who are being moved, select Next and then Finish. Repeat for each additional group.
  10. Print Reports —Use the Event Registration > Reports panel to print lists of registered participants, those who have a balance due, and statements and/or receipts to give to participants as a record of their payments.
  11. Print Rosters—the Attendance Rosters routine in Event Registration is identical to the one in Attendance. It is placed in both modules as a convenience for linked events.
  12. Record Attendance—Each week through the school year, use the Update Attendance routine to record attendance that has been marked on the printed rosters. Or, use the Attendance Check-In routine to record attendance as students arrive. It allows marking all students in a family present at one time, with the option to print name tags as they are marked.
  13. Create New Attendance Year – At the end of December, run the Create New Attendance Year routine (Attendance > Utilities) to extend student records into the new calendar year. If you will be shifting any students to different classes in the new calendar year, make those changes before running this routine and with the program date set after the last class meetings in the old year.

Subsequent Years —

Follow these steps to prepare your Religious Education class structure for the next school year, while retaining all your prior school year records.

Remove Students from Attendance Groups

  1. Go to Attendance > Utilities > Quick Update. Choose Attendance Enroll/Remove/Move and select Next. On the Search Criteria screen, select the Attendance tab.
    1. Accept the Group option for Attendance Type.
    2. Select Operator —Accept the default “In” item.
    3. Enter a Value—Unmark all groups in the list except for Religious Education.
      If you enrolled your catechists in the classes they teach and you expect most of them to return next year and want to retain them in the same groups, select the Add button and then –
      1. Select the Position or Teacher option for Attendance Type (depending on how teachers are identified in group records).
      2. Select Operator —Mark the Not check box and accept the default “Is” item.
      3. Enter a Value—Accept the default “True” item.
  2. Select Done to return to the Search Criteria tab, then select Next to see the list of people who are to be cleared from the selected groups as of the date you will define. If you see any names that should not be cleared, highlight them and click the Delete button. Select Next.
  3. On the Attendance Option screen, select the Remove option and accept or edit the Date Removed. This date must be after the last session of the old school year and prior to the earliest date on which you will begin enrolling students into these groups for the new school year.

If you need to begin registering students for the new school year before the current school year is completed, when registering for next year, set the program date after this Date Removed to avoid mixing enrollments for the two school years. The Register Individuals screen will show the actual date and time (the computer’s date, not the date set within Logos II) when a student was registered, but all other screens and reports will recognize the student being enrolled in the group based on the program date that you define.

4. Mark the check box in front of the Religious Education groups. Select Next and then Finish to remove all selected persons from the selected groups.

Define New Religious Education Event

  1. Go to Event Registration and select Manage Events.
  2. Click the Define New Event button at the bottom of the screen to create a new Religious Education Event adding the years to the Description to avoid confusion with the prior year’s event. Also set the Start and End Date to cover the coming school year. Set the Enrollment Maximum, if any, along with any other Event Information. Select the Save icon on the command bar.
  3. Select the Link to Attendance button to open the Link Attendance Group to Event Registration window. Select the Level1 Religious Education Attendance Group. Click OK. When back in the Manage Events window, select the Save icon on the toolbar to see the Event name in the grid change from a Page to a Folder with the Religious Education Attendance Groups listed when you click the Plus sign in front of the Event name.
  4. Define the fees for this event, making sure to press Tab for each item until it appears in the lower grid. (See Item #4 on Page 2.)
  5. Print your event information in order to verify that it is complete. Select the Printer icon on the command bar and then set the date range to match your new event. (Check that the Waiting List and Optional check boxes are correctly marked or unmarked.)
    You are now ready to begin registering students for the new school year, following the same steps as used in the prior year. Click this link to jump back to the instructions starting at the bottom of Page 2.
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