PSFS Offering - Posting: How to record a contribution which comes in before a pledge

How to record a contribution that comes in before a pledge


Pledges do not recognize contributions that were given before the Pledge start date. 

Recommended Process

If a contribution payment is received before the family has pledged a given amountcreate a pledge record for the donor/family with the following attributes:

  • Pledge Amount: $0.00
  • Pledge Start Date: date of contribution payment
  • Payment Type: record the payment as a downpayment on the pledge
  • Months Pledge will Run: If they are paying early, you will need to adjust the number of months the pledge will run so that it ends in the correct month (for example, December 2018).

Then, you may record any Contributions associated with the Pledge. The Pledge Record may be edited later, once the amount is known.

Alternative Process

If you want to record the contribution without setting up a $0.00 Pledge Amount, there is an alternative solution that's more complicated:

  1. Record each contribution when received but leave the batch(es) open until the Pledge Amount is known.
  2. Once the Pledge Amount is known
    • Create the Pledge Record ensuring the Pledge Date is prior to the first contribution date.
    • Edit each contribution to associate it with the pledge.
  3. Close each Contribution Batch

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