LII People - Email: Alternative Options for Logos Email

The Logos Email utility has been shut down due to email deliverability issues through our third-party server.  We are uncertain as to how long this service will be unavailable. This Help File Article will offer alternative methods to accomplish your tasks.

Emailed Contribution Statements

Because sending Contributions Statements requires using the Logos E-Mail Server which is currently shut down due to email deliverability issues, statements may not be emailed. Currently, there is no easy alternative to sending Logos Statements via email. The current alternative is cumbersome as each statement would need to be brought up one at a time, saved as a PDF and emailed through your own email system. Or, the PDF's could be generated all at once, and parsed, then emailed. Either way, it would involve bringing up each statement one at a time in one way or another.

The best alternative at this time would be to print and mail the statements.

Emailing anything other than Contribution Statements

Logos allows you to use your own mail server (with some exceptions) to send email (except Logos Contribution Statements) through the system. The email system does not work with Office 365.

Export addresses and use other email software

Click the link above to learn how to Export your addresses to a file and use that file to generate emails for your members.


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