CMS - How to Edit a Directory in Microsoft Publisher

You can print a Compact Directory directly from CMS that will produce a booklet style Directory.  However, you may want to add some pages, covers, index, etc. to the directory that will alter the page numbers.

In this case, you may want to export the Directory out of CMS and bring it into Microsoft Publisher to edit and print the booklet.

Follow the steps on How to Edit a Directory in Word to export the directory out of CMS and adjust the spacing (which must be done in Word).  Once the spacing on the directory is corrected, click Edit | Select All | Edit | Copy.

Now minimize Word and open Microsoft Publisher.

Open a new blank publication in Microsoft Publisher.

Click File | Page Setup.

On the Layout Tab, change the Publication Type to Booklet.  Set the Orientation to Landscape.  Click OK.

Publisher will ask if you want to Automatically Insert Pages?  Answer Yes.

Create a Text Box on your page where the text will go.  Right click into the Text Box and choose Paste.

A message will display letting you know the inserted text doesn't fit into the text box.  Do you want to use Autoflow?  Answer Yes.

The system will ask Do you want Publisher to automatically create text boxes?  Answer Yes.

Click File | Save and save your Publisher directory!  You can now edit the directory as needed!


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