CMS People - How can I print Rolodex Cards from CMS?

PROBLEM: You have some people in the office who still use their Rolodex and you want to print up new Rolodex Cards of the members in your CMS Membership System.

SOLUTION: To print Rolodex Cards from CMS, you must use 8 1/2 x 11 pre-perforated stock cards that comply with either:

  • Avery 5385 Laser Rotary Card (small Rolodex cards)

  • Avery 5388/5386 Laser Index Cards (larger Rolodex or 3x5 cards)

From CMS Membership, click Reports | Household | Cards.

Click the Member Status and Participation Status buttons on the left side of the Selections Screen and make selections for who you want on the Household Cards. For example, you may not want to include those members who have passed away or moved away, so remove the codes for Deceased and Transferred/Moved. Click OK.

If you've printed Rolodex cards recently, and only want to print the new members or those whose records have been recently changed, you can click the checkbox at Date Entered, Date Changed, or Date Entered or Changed and select the date range desired.

You can choose to print a variety of items on the Household Cards. You can choose to print:

  • Unlisted Phone/Email
  • Year of Birth for Youth
  • Business Phone and Fax for Adults
  • Group Code
  • Phone Number 2
  • Household Email Address
  • Membership Directory Code
  • Head of House Envelope Number

Place a checkmark next to the items you would like to print on the Household Cards and click Print.

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